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    Hi i'm going on the ribble tomorrow at ribchester and want to catch some barbel i have only ever fished the dove once with Graham i caught a barbel but i haven't got the bait we used.I have some boilies and hookable pellets etc, i am gonna fish the feeder i think?? Any input would be appreciated guys.


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    EC Guest


    Have a look on the Ribble catch reports thread Wendy!

    The lads who fish there post regularly!

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    yeah i just been reading the reports Eddie and John Conway goes to the ribchester a lot but i'm still a little unsure of what to use and wether i should be using the feeder? I'm so excited about going there tomorrow

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    Christian Tyroll Guest


    Could use a feeder fine i would imagine, i dont know what the flows like but if its like every other river i wouldnt worry about the weight of your feeder. Just use liquidised bread and pellets in the feeder and fish pellet on the hair.

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    Cheers christian i am gonna do some liquidised bread as well.i have some hair rigs too so i'll give it a go!

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    hi wendy
    id check the river levels on rivercall before you go,at 1630 today the level at njr was 1.83 mts up and rising.if we dont get any more rain , it will still be high tommorow.bait wise pellets and boilies are ok.

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    Hi Wendy...I fish that area will not go wrong with Halibut Pellets, fished on the hair...use either crushed or Micro pellet in an open end feeder, with hemp, and bind it with crumb.The takes can be very vicious wrap arounds.. dont be afraid to use large pellet.Halibut Boilies also produce,good tip is to fish downstream rod on feeder, with the upstream rod using PVA net with larger pellet pieces .
    Good luck... be aware that the river can rise very quickly, and Ribchester has some very big stone flood defences, which the river can and will cover very quickly in flood..make sure your gear is well up the bank (and yourself in extreme circs)

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    Hi Andy sorry if i sound dumb here but what is rivercall ?

    David thanks for the info and hopefully i will do ok i'll let ya know how i get on tomorrow.

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    I could have bought up some of that Graham gave you if you had taken more interest in my jam! -

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    i love your jam!!

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