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    Has anyone used these rests ? I purchased 2 (1 for myself and 1 for mate).
    I must be doing something wrong because on the 3 takes that ive had on them they have been tipped over . I still want to use them but I've lost confidence in them .
    Any advice would be welcome ?

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    Give it to somone you don't like.

    Mine used to have a habit of unwinding when a take occured. This sometimes dumped the rods on the floor.

    I gave it to my mate Adam and first time out the same happened to him causing one of his rods to break (as it hit the rocks).

    I now use a Fox Horizon Pod and am very pleased with it.

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    does that hold the rods high

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    yup - with longer banksticks

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    does this remain stable on a take unlike the ones that i have?
    Has anyone got anything good to say about the PM RODS HIGH TRIPOD?

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    I dont use the pm tripod, but I do use a Veals mini tripod
    It has a built in leg lock which I can pin down to the deck with 4 or 5 tent pegs, I have sliplined the rod holders with longer sleeves. I have yet to have the rods keel over or jump out of the rod holders on the most savage of bites yet. I think if you get yourself a leg lock kit 7 on the same page I have highlighted above, and you used some tent pegs as well I think you would have a good stable platform on which to use your rods, I used to do a lot of Bass fishing in the esturies of Devon and needed to keep the rods high to beat the surf and the only way to stop the tripod tippling over was to leg lock the tripod and spike it into the sand. The tripod looks a good bit of kit from the pictures I have seen, so it may be worthwhile stabalising it a bit before giving up on it

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    You can also make a couple of leg locks with a couple of strips of alluminium/mild steel bar and a couple of wingnuts, set up you optimum leg opening and drill the bar and legs to suit and use the wingnuts to lock it together.

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    Another way to stablize the tripod is to hang a weight under the apex at the top..I allways use a tripod for fishing for Barbs, you cannot get a bankstick into the bed of the Ribble..the weight works a treat, but then again, 20 years of beach fishing teaches you all sorts of tricks..

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    I forgot to mention that I also managed to overtighten the threads where the rod rests screw into the buzzer bar (which is uniquely at a right angle to the male thread that screws into the tripod).

    This meant I was unable to remove the rod rest heads and replace them which buzzers (for night fishing).

    I called the supplier, Leslies Of Luton, to see if I could buy a replacement PM buzzer bar and they didn't do them.

    I hunted round all sorts of shops for a buzzer bar with a built in right angle but all to no avail.

    Next I tried a right angled keepnet adaptor with a normal buzzer bar but that just created more leverage and would often unwind just with the pressure on the line.

    When I gave it to Adam he manufactuered his own buzzer bar from stainless steel.

    Here's a review I did for another site on my modified Fox Horizon Pod

    There are plenty of other tripods becoming available now, so I would strongly recommend investing in something a bit more sturdy.

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    Any good for you?

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