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    hi all, my biggest barbel is 4.1/2 pound can i ask for some help in catching a bigger one, i know where they are but really dont know ,how to set about catching one, on the trent where i fish 9 -10 11 and 12 pounds have come out in recent weeks ive got the rod and tackle but need info on lines and terminal tackle in fact any info at ,would be most gratefully received p.s some these barbel are posted in pics on FISHINGPOSTS,COM

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Share with us, who you are and maybe,we'll share with you!

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    (kieth fill in your profile),for fishing at night i usually use 10lb or 12lb line,with a inline lead or feeder (method) &/or pva bags/mesh and tied to a swivel protected by a stop bead or a quick change bead or quick connector thingy
    and seperate hooklinks with swivel which i can pull up through a pva bag/mesh of micro halibut pellets and a size 6 or 8 hook and hair-rigged 14-22mm halibut pellets/boilie as i like to keep it simple !
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    The average size for barbel on the Trent is well over 4.5lb, probably more like 6lb. So I would say get out there and you will soon improve on that. Don't hold your breath for a double straight away, just aim to keep improving on your pb.
    Search on here for techniques for the Trent and there have been lots of articles. Lee Swords did a good one before a FM fish-in a couple of years ago.

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    Bully Guest


    Do you really think lines and terminal tackle will make that much difference in terms of separating smal from large??

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    Of course they won't. The main thing here is location and watercraft. It's far more important that worrying about rigs and baits.

    Isn't it incredible how many anglers will spend hours worrying over things that are not important and spend little time over the things that are!

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    i was actually watching barbel jump out the water on thursday, so near and very clear what fish they were

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    Fred, the ones on fishing post have not been caught by me but they have come out my clubs stretchof thr trent IM NOT ON FP

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