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Thread: Lower Severn

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    Hi All,
    Am waiting on my BAA permit with a degree of excitement and trepidation!
    Having only fished the intimate Kennet for Barbel I'm a little trepidacous (?) about such a big river.
    I'm thinking of the Bushey to Severnstoke area (am travelling from West Country).
    I'm under the impression its not prolific but any experiences or tips would be much appreciated!

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    I have fished Severn stoke twice this year, the last time was last Wednesday and never had a bite either day. We actually went to Bushley to fish but it is totally overgrown and no pegs at all but if you are energetic and had a shovel and scythe with you it wouldn't take long to cut out a peg. We moved on to Severn Stoke even though I told my two companions I didn't fancy it, at five o'clock that evening they agreed with me.

    It is better fished at night these days I believe but though there are few fish they are usually good ones when you catch them. The lower Severn is not as prolific as it used to be, being 10 to 14ft deep on average where it once contained massive bream shoals there is a scarcity of fish these days.

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    Thanks Graham.
    I guess the doubles wont be crawling up the rod then?!
    None the less, am looking forward to a trip.

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    Bully Guest


    If its any help I saw a TV show where they fished the Lower Severn (I think it was Hayes). He spent 3 hours or so regularly putting in hemp and then fished the 2 hours before dusk....

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    Gary Wilson Guest


    I went to the BAA stretch of the Severn at Bushley last Friday. I parked up and walked to the river, only to be greeted by the most miserable farmer ever. he told me the BAA dont have this stretch of the Severn anymore and he wasnt going to let me fish unless I gave him 20 quid as a day ticket. I left and drove to a car park near the bridge that you have to drive over if you come from the motorway. According to my BAA map it was a BAA stretch. I walked to the river only to be greeted by someone else telling me that he is sick of telling anglers that the BAA dont have that stretch anymore? I saw a Barbel Society sign up and e-mailed them aswell as the BAA. Barbel Society say they had the stretch and have now let it go, BAA say it has always been theirs? Just be prepared to have a farmer come and kick you off his land if he catches you fishing.

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    pons Guest


    Just to add add a little more doom and gloom,there is no night fishing at Severn Stoke,I believe.
    The old Barbel Society section at Bushley has been given up,and is now syndicated.
    For the record,there are plenty of other bits available,that are more prolific,the BS section at callow end for one,and they do allow night fishing.
    As do the Kinver Freeliners opposite.
    Most of the BAA sections are very overgrown and very mismanaged,and their night fishing strategy with night tickets on some sections ,frankly a joke.
    I have told John Williams,but they are sadly way out of touch ,and fairly clueless as to what goes on ,and also do not make the members aware of what waters have been given up.
    Old signs are still up at most fisheries,but it seems the executive still live in the 70s.
    I hope some are looking in and will comment.

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    Morning all,

    just to add my two pennies worth.

    Kinver Freeliners DO offer night fishing, BUT only to full members of the club who are in the night syndicate.

    The club has spaces for members and will be offering Half year membership from November 1st.
    Call Graham Wright on (01384) 291281

    As for the ex BAA / Barbel society stretch, myself and my fishing buddy Rob now run the syndicate.

    We currently don't have any places available

    The Lower Severn hasn't had the best of conditions this season, but there have still been a good number of doubles (and smaller Barbel) from many areas of the river.

    Its not all doom and gloom, but you do need to put in the hours.



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    Gary Wilson Guest



    I am currently e-mailing John Williams about me getting chucked off the BAA stretch. I have told him there has been mention of the BAA in this forum so hopefully he will come in and explain whats happening.

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    I've been to Severn Stoke late afternoon/ early evening yesterday and again today. It was my first experience of the venue. Yesterday I caught four barbel to 8lb 4oz and today just one which was 10lb exactly. As I only caught my first barbel just over a week ago (from the Teme) I'm understandably delighted with Severn Stoke.

    I'm also keen to understand the BAA situation with regards to venues that are no longer covered by the card. I notice that they've renewed all the maps on their website so one would presume at the point they did this that the maps were correct (or am I being naive?). I've heard similar rumours about the Teme at Cotheridge no longer being covered by BAA membership. It would seem to me that one of the fundemental elements of joining a club is knowing what waters one is eligible to fish.



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    Gary Wilson Guest


    I have asked John Williams (Secretary of the BAA) to have a look at this thread, he has obviously decided not to.

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