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    Thalia Guest


    is there an element of truth in it? Have heard one or two rumblings about barbel on the Thames and Windrush having been killed by otters.

    I've not seen a single carcass it has to be said and can't help feeling that anglers seem to reach out for another reason why we can't catch a certain species in the numbers we used to.

    Anyone in the Thames area seen or heard of anything with substance to it.?

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    I wouldn't be suprised if they did kill barbel but they're native to the British Isles and so have a right be there.

    Any decline in fish stocks should not be cause to vilify otters.

    I have heard that otters will kill mink too which are by no means native and pose a much bigger threat than the otter.
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    They'll cetainly take chunks out of them for sure. They probably do kill a fair number in the very depths of winter.

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    And there entitled to them. If man had not decimated the eel stocks in one way or another. There would be plenty of there prefared food around.

    I have yet to see a otter in the wild and wait with anticipation for that day.

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    chris 2 Guest


    Seen one on the Derbyshire Derwent about 3 weeks ago.Near to where Ron fishes for Grayling and it wasent a bloody mink.First one ive seen in the wild and they are most welcome.Not seen any fish carcasses on the bank in this area.

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    I saw the carcass of a big barbel on the Trent at Fiskerton a month or so ago.

    May have been a mink but may have been an otter.

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    Definatly more Otters in the Windrush now and far less Barbel that there used to be.

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    lucky sod chris, i'd love to see one.

    as for the less barbel in the windrush comment, there would be more if foriegners didn't keep shooting them with air rifles.

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Otters will take any fish,not just Barbel.
    Not seen any on the Trent yet.

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    Thalia Guest


    You're all in line with what I thought and am thinking. My question wasn't aimed at whether otters have the right to take any fish let alone the barbel - they have much more right than we'll ever have.

    Jason - I know what you refer to with the shooting. I heard a first hand account of a whole host of barbel being shot on the gravel spawning grounds at the popular Newbridge stretch a few years ago. Supposedly done by foreign campers staying in the field just up from the pub.

    Joskin - in the middle of the summer I was fishing the above mentioned bit of water and dusk descended upon me. Just down stream from where I had my bait a few swans started getting irate but I couldn't work out why as I hadn't moved and revealed myself. But then I saw what I first thought was a rat or mink crossing the river aimed straight at me. Then as it got near I realised from the size that it was an otter! It literally touched the bank right under where my feet were dangling - it then saw me or my rod just hanging over the water and slipped almost mercury like back under waters surface and was gone.

    First time I'd seen one in the wild and it made the hairs stand up at the back of my neck. One of the most fantastic things I'd ever seen while angling and I packed up immediately.

    As my first question implied I think I've picked up on the rantings of the few uninformed fools that we have in angling. I remember a long time ago that anglers were saying something along these lines about the disappearance of roach on the Warks Avon but when the EA surveyed the water the roach were still there but so was an overabundance of snails and other natural food. It was just that we anglers couldn't catch them so had to come up with a theory as to why other than blame ourselves!

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