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Thread: swale

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    fished the swale for barbel on sunday the waters low and clear i had a total blank, EA man checked my licence,
    fished the swale for barbel on monday still low and clear, blanked again, a different EA man checked my licence, (same stretch as yesterday different peg, different man)
    might go this evening after tea, 3rd time lucky hopefully.

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    It's quite difficult with it being so low. Maggot and caster can be a fruitful approach

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    Everything I'm hearing about the Swale so far is fairly standard. For one reason or another, I'm avoiding any venue that I have to pay for or is more than a few miles away, so the Swale is out. However, I've been on the Swale on opening day/week for at least the last five years. It rarely does a great deal until well into July. The exceptions seem to be if you happen to fall on a couple of stretches where the barbel and chub congregate to spawn. Until they spread out again, post spawning, much of the river is likely to be dire. The low and clear conditions don't help much either.

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    I managed to winkle one out, but so far this is it from 2 short sessions...

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    i will give it a hour or two after tea, as ime only less than 10 minutes away from Thornton bridge or asenby,

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    You lucky person!!!

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    3rd day of the season and my 3rd blank today, 3 different swims, and a subtle change of end gear and baits, and trying as many features as i could find, wouldn't get me a bite in my search for the barbel. i thought the river looked even clearer today looking over the bridge,
    there have been quite a few anglers on from fawdington woods down towards the viaduct over the last 3 days,i haven't spoke to anyone though, so i dont know if they have done any good,
    oh well at least ime finding some good underwater features etc, and getting a bit of a tan,
    i think i will move on a bit tomorrow and start fishing into the some faster more oxygenated water of the weirs, until some heavy rain comes,

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    I was out on Monday not far from you Cocker and I had a barbel. It wasn't easy fishing and it was a matter of having confidence in my swim choice and sitting it out until dusk. I had a good walk around and didn't see many fish. There were a couple of barbel finishing off spawning on the gravels and a shoal of chub in an inaccessible position but not much else.

    Thornton Bridge isn't a good early season water at the best of times and probably comes into its own around July. I actually prefer a low clear river, but it does require careful swim choice and a fair degree of stealth. The problem with most of the lower (below Topcliffe) Swale is that it does tend to get busy at times and on a low river that can only make life difficult.
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    Red face Re: swale

    On the next river north (the Tees) same story.
    Sunday,Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
    So far no a lot couple of chub and some bream from a deep swim.
    Even with the river as low as its been for years and as clear as I have ever seen it.
    Its still very difficult to locate fish.
    Have tried fast water with lots of cover and deep water near by.
    Have tried slow steady three foot deep
    Tried deep with cover and fast water not very far away.
    I don't like fishing in the dark so have stopped at 22:30 each evening.
    But like us all will keep trying
    Know of a double caught opening day(in dark) in one of the spots I have tried so its not a hopeless task.
    Strangely no otters seen as yet! last season it was a sighting every time out.

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    3 EA officers in a week, top dangling only ever been asked on the Severn and a place in hull.

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