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    Shame they are not sold here or am I shopping in the wrong outlets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikench View Post
    Shame they are not sold here or am I shopping in the wrong outlets?
    You can always flavour it yourself. I always use a load of Lo-salt and you can either cube it or cut in into strips of varying thickness (Which is more versatile, as you can vary the size) add the flavour of choice, I currently use the “Source” but you could use peri, peri, Worcester, fish/oyster sauce, garlic paste or whatever takes your fancy. Add it into a plastic freezer bag and pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Job done.

    The only downside is the convenience of just being able to pop a tin open on the bank.

    Oh, nearly forgot, if you run the block of meat under the hot tap for a few seconds then the cold and pat it dry it’s much more pleasant to handle and takes the flavour better.

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    Yeah, but are there any without Spam?


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