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    Hi there.

    I'm new to this site and fishing, so am after a few pointers from you more experienced anglers!

    I've got all the gear (I think) but obviously what I can't buy is knowledge and experience.

    What I want to know is do certain types of fish have preferred places in a lake ie on the bed, on the surface, close to the bank? I know that on hot days carp tend to rise to the surface coz of the lack of oxygen so do they normally stick to the bed?

    Any feedback would be great.


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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    I assume you are talking about still waters.

    The name of the game here, especially if your lake is a natural one or a gravel pit is to spend some time observing the water. Gravel pits especially can be extremely clear and you can watch the fish, especially if you get a pair of polarised glasses.

    Tench tend to be margin patrollers. Bream and roach love gravel bars and carp, in my experience can be found anywhere, depending on the amount of food available.

    There really is no quick fix. If you want to sort a water, spend lots of time observing and less time fishing in the early stages.

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    The Monk Guest


    first find your fish

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Dick Walker laid down the basic rules of angling many years ago.

    The Monk is right. First find your fish, you can't catch a fish that isn't there. Second, don't scare the fish. There are thousands of anglers, including some so called big fish anglers who would do much better if they approached the water in a better way, by keeping out of sight and by dressing in clothes that blend in with the background.

    Thirdly, fish at the right time. Most fish do not feed all the time. There are times when they are feeding well and that is when you should be on the water.

    Forthly, use the right method, tackle etc.

    And finally, use the right bait. Many anglers seem to think that the bait is the most important part of angling. It's not. Get all the other things right and quite often a simple bait will work. If you have got all the other thing right and the bait you are using does not work, then it's time to start experimenting with baits.

    These principles of course do not apply to match angling, where a different set of circumstances come into it.

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    Thanks very much for your tips guys.

    Don't know why but I didn't even think fish would be looking out of the water! (you really can tell I'm a beginner ;o)

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    Tim, obviously do'nt know your age, but, if you've used Ebay at all, there's a book on there, Catching Fish by Richard Walker Item No. 6910004542, if you can get this for up to a tenner, (P&P 2), it will answer most of your questions, would appreciate Rons comments on this.
    Some people are so poor, that all they have is money

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    "Catching Fish" by Richard Walker is an all time classic. I have the book of course and in it Dick writes about the first principles of angling and the habits and locations of the various species.

    I find that many of the articles written today about catching quality fish do not cover the basic principles of angling.

    Make no mistake Tim, fish can see you, no matter how at times you can try to avoid them spotting you.

    The thing to do is spend some time fishing a small clear river where you can see the fish.

    Dick Walker's grandfather used to tell him to imagine that every fish in the water was armed with a gun and would shoot you on sight if they saw you.

    And the deeper the fish are, bigger the fishes window of vision. Assuming very clear water of course.

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    The Monk Guest


    be quiet and go an angling

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    Les Clark Guest


    Tim,very good advice from Ron and The monk, I would like to know what type of gear you have got and have you any idea what you are hopeing to fish for?

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    Thanks again guys for your help.

    Am bidding on "Catching Fish" as we speak.

    Les, I have got a 13ft Fox match rod and a vodoo reel with a spool of 4lb and spool of 6lb line.

    I want to catch all fish really. I'm not bothered about the biggun's (yet). Want to experience as many fish as poss so I don't mind what size they come out!

    Think I am going to Bury Hill Fisheries with friends soon if anyone knows it any tips would be gratefully received! ;O)

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