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    Can someone please explain to me what these glasses actually do and are they worth their money?

    Thank you.

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    Deecy Guest


    They allow you look through the surface glare thereby enabling you to see whats going on under the surface.You will need a hat with a brim such as a baseball cap as you need to cut down as much light to your eyes from above and the side.
    Be patient, stay quiet and concealed and your fishing will improve.
    Are they worth the money? they WILL catch you more fish therfore they are.Optix make excellent ones.
    I couldn't imagine spring summer and even autumn and winter fishing without mine.I carry a spare pair they are that important to me.

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    Joanne Chapels Guest


    If you fish clear water rivers they are indispensible as Deecy says.

    Also useful just for watching a float in bright conditions.

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    I'm looking for a pair of polarised prescription glasses but my local optician wants 70 per lens plus frames (probably around 200 in total). This is a bit beyond my budget - can anybody recommend anywhere cheaper (mail order or online or anywhere in the Preston area)?


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    Shrek Guest



    You'll find a few of the guys on here have got them, myself included. Excellent service and mine, with a complex prescription lens, only cost 115 all inclusive.

    There's a site review HERE too.

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    jason fisher Guest


    specsavers 2 for one offer, mine cost 120 quid for the prescription sunglasses with the ordianry glasses thrown in for free.

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    Just wanted to say thanks about Optilabs. I received my new glasses this morning and they're great (all I need now is a sickie from work to test them out LOL)

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    Optilabs, excellent.

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    michael rouse Guest


    Oakleys.Cant beat them.

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    Oct 2002


    Just thought Id add a comment....though it would be a bit expensive for prescription glasses.....though has anybody ever got glasses from the states? A mate of mine did years ago, got his eyes tested got the required details and contacted an firm in USA I think he saved about 50%..anyway back to the point...
    I used to only have one pair of polarised glasses until I spent some time Bass fishing in Florida....I was amazed when the guys I was fishing with all had at least 4 pairs of glasses in different colours....I bought 6 pairs in the states and wow what a difference....different colours for different lights and water colours....well worth the money but like I said expensive...

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