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Thread: Drifting Float

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    How can I stop my float from drifting in the wind on a lake?

    I've sunk the line but the sodding wind always blows it away from the area I have been feeding!

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    Fish overdepth, adjust the depth and shotting till you get it staying put.
    Make sure you shot the float so only the bare minimum is showing.
    Try a thin tipped waggler (long thin float attached bottom end only),less drag.
    Try a longer waggler this creates more stability.
    Fish with a finer mainline if you can get away with it, less drag again.
    Up the rate you loosefeed the swim and fish on the drop recasting as soon as you feel that the hookbait has reached the bottom.
    Fish with your back to the wind.
    Try the lift method.These are all ideas you could try.

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    i am getting back into the fishing scene and i am enjoying it. i went to my first competition this morning and caught nothin i new i had bites because my casters were bitten and so were my maggots. what am i doing wrong am i not striking @ the right time or is it the depth i was fishing @. any help would be great .

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    Sean, it sounds like you're fishing too far overdepth, try starting at 3ins overdepth and increase or decrease as necessary. Usually slow biters like bream want more and quick biters like roach and perch need less. If its choppy make sure you have enough on the bottom to counteract the floats up and down movement.

    If you are getting sucked maggots try coming 1in off the bottom it works wonders sometimes. Accurate plumbing is essential of course. Ten minutes plumbing round your swim can be the most productive thing you do before fishing. Mark the various depths with a tippex on your rod or pole

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