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Thread: Hair Rigs

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    Is there any reason why i should not hair-rig a bait when float fishing? I cant think of one myself but would welcome anyones advice/thoughts on this.. The reason behind it is i want to try pellets and see how the fish take to them... also i want to try an alternative method of fishing with meat, and also pepperami.

    Thanks in advance!

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    john conway Guest


    No reason at all Tony, although bait bands may be easier and quicker for pellets.

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    thanks john, i havent seen bait bands before...i'll find out more about them.

    I've just bought some pre-made hair rigs designed specifically for meat that have a small piece of spiralled metal on the hair - looks like my cubes of luncheon will be staying put from now on.. :-)

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    I used a size 10 hair baited with luncheon meat on a float last weekend. Caught 2 carp - 10lb and a 12lb. I had previously used ordinary hooks at this particular water and had never caught anything over 2lb. Not sure if I was just luck last weekend or whether the hair did the trick.

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    this is whats moved me to try the hair rig method, ive been fishing over-depth and the float is knocking about but not going under a lot of times...ive missed these knocks when ive struck, so opted to wait for a more positive indication, and i usually always hit those when the float goes under- im trying to establish if this is small stuff nibbling the meat or if im missing proper bites...will post next week and let you all know how it goes...

    The meat invariably comes off after the strike so i cant see if its nibbled or not - but the hairs ive just bought have a spiral atachment to secure the meat .

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    Neil Laing Guest


    if things are going well in your swim it might be bigger fish that are brushing their fins etc against the line causing the float to knock. If it is then striking could scare them off or foul hook one!
    If the water is less than 3 feet deep and close in then look at the surface of the water very carefully as you may see swirls indicating carp about?
    My last session I had small carp right under my rod tip in shallow water but they wouldn't take my bait. Although my bait was hair-rigged it may have been too big a bait/hook- the fish are pressured.
    Perhaps a small hook and maggot might have worked, its frustrating sometime but you just have to keep trying different things.

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