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    So, i've been fishing plenty of times, but i have never owned my own rod. i always borrowed a friends or something. i decided it was time for my own, so i went out and bought a ugly stik spinning rod and reel combo because its cheap and hopefully it won't break.

    problem is - i had never rigged up my own rod before. i did it like i had seen other people do it before, but i encounted one problem. it casts fine, but when i reel it in the line starts winding up below the spool. it does not stay where the rest of the line is but just starts to wrap around the fatter area right below the spool. how can i fix this? i'm not sure if i described this well, but i will be around so please reply and i will clarify if possible.

    - i am using the line provided by shakespeare with the rod.

    thanks in advance

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    Hi Glen

    I bought a couple of ugly stik combos for my kids and have been very impressed - particularly with the rods. I did, however, replace the line with some 6lb Daiwa Sensor - decent line at a low price. For rigs you will find plenty of tips on the rigs section of the website.



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    It is hard to know where you are going wrong but one question might help.

    When you wind in is the line sitting in the bale arm of the reel where there is a small roller? If not you might be winding the line the wrong way. This positions the line on a different part of the bale arm where it is much lower down.

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    i went through the rigs section on this site and looked at some things and basically just ended up cutting the line and then running it back through the rod. seems to working fine now...not sure what i did wrong the first time. it seems to be going through the same spot on the bale arm as before but works now.

    thanks for the replies!

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