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    Default Why tie rigs and put in swivels etc for sea fishing. Is it really needed

    When I was sea fishing a long time ago I was taught to tie a weight on the end and the hook up about a foot to the same line or the other way around.
    Why is people buying rigs with loads of lines sticking out and swivels etc. Also why do some people tie the hook on the shank rather than just through the hole, is it stronger?

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    Default Re: Why tie rigs and put in swivels etc for sea fishing. Is it really needed

    Oddly enough I fished one of those out of my bag last week, its been in there for years, way to thick line, 50 lbish, beads all over the place, booms and swivels. I actually suspended it all under a sea float because I was not in a good mood (another long story). However, normally best to make your own trace up to suit. Link swivels are useful on the end of your line as they enable to change your weight quickly, the same on the end of the trace to change that quickly if required.
    There's an argument about swivels, do they work and stop line twist, I don't think they do much but link swivels are useful.
    I have been all through the gamut of sea traces and like you said, a weight on the end, a loop in the line 12/24 inches above the weight and a hook trace attached to the loop about 3ft is all I do these days if beach casting. The less the better, more hooks just slow the cast down as do more beads , swivels etc.
    Some think beads of different colours attract fish, I forgot to mention the shop bought trace also had sequins on it, well, I dont know but I doubt it, more to catch the anglers pocket is my guess.
    However a couple of shop things are useful just to keep in the bottom of the bag, one day you might find a use for one.
    If you are thinking of float fishing in the sea I have just posted a bit about that on the " how did you get on" thread under general fishing, you might find it helpful. But you work out want you want to do, its as much as what your happy with as anything else despite others advice and preferences.
    As to knot for hooks, I use the half tucked blood knot, I dont have a problem with that, leave a tab of line jutting out when you cut the excess line off, about 1/4 inch, useful for holding a lugworm up the line if you use them as bait-some prefer the shank tied ones but I find the other easier to tie.
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    Default Re: Why tie rigs and put in swivels etc for sea fishing. Is it really needed

    This is something what I may be able to shed some light on - saltwater fishing is a big interest of mine. As mark mentioned above normal barrel swivels serve limited purpose for preventing line twists but are a very strong link between two components or lines. When you are going very heavy for sharks, congers, big rays etc and are using standard swivels they often lock up under the pressure, this is where you need ball bearing swivels. They do help. As for having several links and swivels in traces I'm assuming you mean a trace with several hook lengths? This can be so that the rig is effectively in interchangeable segments, for when some gets damaged.
    As for tieing to the shank and not the eye. You may be referring to spade hooks, rather than eyed? Also, using a knotless knot or snell knot can help presentation instead of using the eye. I hope this helped.

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