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    Default Light feeder/ledgering

    Afternoon, I've started back fishing this year, I started off float fishing as that's all I was taught when I was younger and I'm very confident with this method.

    I've recently had the urge to have a go at ledgering/feeder fishing so purchased light rod, the drennan red 9ft mini carp feeder that comes with a 1oz and 2oz quiver tip and I was hoping for advice for a complete beginner on fishing this. I've had some success on fishing a brook and had perch and chubb however I find it trickier on stillwater and proper rivers, I'm aware it's just a margin rod really so any advice on how to use it efficiently would be much appreciated.

    I currently cast out to the left or right of where I'm sat and reel in till there's a slight bend on the tip however I've heard of not tightening the line to leave more slack to reduce resistance. I have just been using a running rig.

    Much appreciated,


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    Default Re: Light feeder/ledgering

    I should have added that anbissue I have while fishing in wind is the quiver tip blowing about despite it being low to the water so bite registration is an issue.

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    Default Re: Light feeder/ledgering

    If you're fishing for carp with say, pellet or meat on the hook, bite indication is usually a good pull round of the tip, so wind-movement is not so much of an issue as when you're trying for roach or skimmers with maggot as bait. Frankly, in very windy conditions I'd prefer to fish without a quivertip, pointing the rod straight at the lead or feeder with the tip under the surface and using a light clip-on bobbin between the reel and butt ring as an indicator. You can protect the bobbin from the wind by setting it so that it's hanging below the rim of a deep bait tub (or similar).

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    Default Re: Light feeder/ledgering

    Never used a bobbin before, what brand/type do you recommend?

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    Default Re: Light feeder/ledgering

    Should have mentioned I'm not after carp so much more silverfish and skimmers as like you say bigger fish bites are easier to see

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    Default Re: Light feeder/ledgering

    I use Fox Specialist Hangers which I've had for about 10 years, but they've been discontinued and I can't see anything currently available that's directly comparable. This is the sort of thing, though: Bite Indicators Bobbins Hangers Drop Off Swingers Carp Fishing Set Of 3 | eBay
    I've never tried fishing maggot in conjunction with hangers, but bite indication with baits like worm, bread, or corn hasn't been an issue with the smaller species.

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    Default Re: Light feeder/ledgering

    Just spotted a couple on eBay! 2 USED FISHING FOX SPECIALIST HANGER | eBay

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    Default Re: Light feeder/ledgering

    If it's windy use the 2oz tip and a slightly heavier feeder. Tighten up so there's a good bend in the tip.
    Bites will generally be drop backs, ie the fish moves the feeder and the tip springs back to straight, the fish hooks itself...

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    Default Re: Light feeder/ledgering

    Thanks for the advice gents it's very helpful. So could I use the bobbin along with the quiver tip or is there no point?

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    Default Re: Light feeder/ledgering

    No point if you're using the tip for bite indication, but if you want to use the same rod with a bobbin when pointing straight at the feeder/lead, you could do (I have) - it saves buying another rod! The only potential issue with doing that is that the extra rings on a quivertip might offer more resistance to a shy-biting fish...

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