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Thread: Barbel rods

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    Hi Guys. Just an inquiry as to whether anyone has had experience of Drennan Martin Bowler big river rods.I use a pair of diawa infinity barbel's for my carp fishing. Where I go nothing is much over 30 and the infinity's cope brilliantly. I have just bought new( used once I suspect) a pair of Drennans, same size 2 1/4, with the thought of replacing the diawa's. The Drennans look nice but a bit beefy so not sure if not a bit too specialist for carp. Anybody got and used them for other than floodwater barbeling? Its a question of which I keep really. Any advice/ experiences will be gratefully received. Alec

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    If the Diawas cope brilliantly, why do you need the Drennans?

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    just fancied a change really. They were not dear and seemed a bargain so why not have a try with them. Not so sure it was wise now but that's life.The older I get the more mistakes I make. I will get them a go in the spring to see how they compare and decided then.Advice from a fan/user will be appreciated though.

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    I had the 1.75 bowler barbel rods a few years back. I didn't have them long and sold them on because I didn't like them for a number of reasons. The heavier rod has to few guides and the handle is too long. The version I had had single leg guides after the first one on the butt section and they where easily bent, like the heavier rod it also had too few guides....imo at least. The guides where just generic ones and for the cost of the rods I think they should have good quality fujis or another good make.....same with the reel seat! I just didn't like the blank either.
    Even though I like drennan gear I would avoid their barbel rods.

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    Thanks for that Tigger. Must confess, not the prettiest rods I have ever seen.The infinity's look right somehow, but the drennans? Yes I noticed the scarcity of rings although they are now 3 legged on both sections but they are enormous.The top ring has to be 10mm, internal, it almost looks to me, like a long casting carp rod.( But I am an idiot)The blanks are nice though,very free spirit style markings, but the white painted top at nearly 8" looks a bit naff. About 2 months ago I bought an unused but about 4-5 years oldI guess), torrix with ali butt and kigans, still with wrapped handle. In looks department, chalk and cheese.Thanks for your help. Replying is making up my mind already! Yes I too like Drennan stuff normally

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