I'm sharing my modest experience of how fishing is helping me with physical recovery. And since it's all about learning a new fishing technique and spinal health improvement, it goes to Beginners and Improvers!!!

Perhaps it may help other people going through the same problem, who knows.

So... let's say I love fishing. Therefore, Starting Point: being outdoors is great.

I love the English countryside and seaside, otherwise there are many places.... Scotland, central France, Brittany, Ardennes, Ireland, Swiss rivers etc etc etc etc!! Quite huge opportunities, so it's a pity not to go fishing. My wife doesn't always understand this, so we switch to walking, swimming, cycling.
Anyhow, provided some agreement has been found with Home Primer Minister, cycling & walking along the Thames in the fresh air looking for the beautiful Perch, hiding in trees with my friend to catch a beautiful winter Pike, throwing a discreet nymph to get it noticed by those big powerful Chubs, retrieving a syclops spoon to be taken by a Brown Trout etc etc etc Unlimited options to live closer to Mother Nature.

And sometimes, the human equipment fails.
Two years ago I suddenly became sick, suffering from a rare neurologic disease from the dystonia family that causes movement disorders, tremors and a lot of muscle pain. It mainly affects my head and neck area, but has an effect on the whole body. One neurologist said it would never go away. One neurologist said some drugs will help. I then left fishing, and most things, for a while.....

But solutions must be sought to keep enjoying, otherwise what's the point? 10 months ago I met my wonderful physical therapist who encouraged me. She soon made me believe that perhaps I could do something.

And this is also when I met a wonderful work mate here in Belgium, who convinced me to learning feeder fishing. Saying to me, how efficient it is, and modern, technical, cheap and blablablablablabla let's have a good strong lager and discuss further and blablablablablabla let's try on Sunday?!

It's now been 8 months that I'm on the feeder fishing subject, with good and bad results, but it doesn't matter, happy to improve, what really does is that I'm again outdoors after office hours or over the weekend outside kids hours... There was a time I thought I would never go fishing again. Actually, there was a time I thought I would hardly use my hands nor walk again.

So came that weird feeder fishing , thanks to it I have both found a way to go fishing again and a way to partially recover, and these then started to work together.

Seating or kneeling down near the rod, keeping focused and active, I have learnt to practice the exercises that make my brain keep controlling my spine while also relieving muscle pain. Insisting and insisting again on these movement controls, while at the same time focusing on a precise fishing activity, seems to really work at least until now.

It's frankly, surprisingly, great!

Now, these new exercise/activity patterns have positively modified my coordination to the point that I can also work more or less correctly. Let's say that thanks to fishing, I can work again?! Obviously, the day that Euromillion blesses me, I'll definitely go fishing only, but by then everything is sooo better.

Should someone be experiencing a similar movement disorder issue, I'll be happy to share the details of the therapist.

Have a good day!!