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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??

    Quote Originally Posted by FeederHatch View Post
    Thanks Daniel,

    What do you put on the method instead of groundbait? Do you go straight to pellets only?

    Yes I do, I've told you a lie if I am too be 100% truthful I do use ground but in deeper swims, so in the 3-4 foot swim I will use a handful of ground bait to fill the gaps in my pellets.Also I use 1mm pellets to do similar in 1-3 foot swims.

    I don't think that is common practice but I think it helps me present my bait better, if it does or not is a different case.
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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??

    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Eagle View Post

    This is very interesting, especially around the use of just pellets on the method.

    I’ve used a pellet / groundbait combination as described above on waters where gb is allowed for some time but this really questions the use of pellets alone as it seems unlikely this will present the bait properly.

    An interesting watch for anyone that fishes the method.
    Great video, I actually saw this about 4 months ago, it's very interesting.

    I did some experiments myself in a garden pond about 4 years ago, this was why I started using the 1mm pellets and Horlicks depending. The problem with fishing is the lack of concrete proof, most methods are based on incomplete information
    The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams!

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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??

    Fishing, poker and life are based on incomplete. Information my friend, as with method fishing, it’s often how we full the gaps that makes all the difference!

    I’ve tried Horlicks as a binder and it certainly works. However I’ve found it rather easy to over do it and found the pellets tend to go very clumpy. Personally I prefer the subtlety that groundbait offers

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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??

    Very interesting video! I certainly found it pretty enlightening. I’m almost pleased to hear that an experienced angler’s perception of what the method is doing under the water is similar to mine, but in fact that wasn’t actually happening... Shows how when it comes to fishing you are literally always learning.

    I’m tempted when I next go out to give the 221 a try to see what the results are like. I’ve never before used that amount of pellets over groundbait. I’d say my standard approach is similar to this one:

    Master Method feeder fishing with Nick Speed - Dynamite Baits

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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??

    Great article about Nick’s approach. Lindholme Bonsai, where he fishes a lot, is a very hard fished water with matches very regularly. Consequently he has refined the method to stay ahead of the fierce competition.

    A very fine angler and certainly nothing in that article I would disagree with.

    The beauty of the 2:2:1 formula is that it’s very easy to get right, while method mixes are very easy to get wrong! I’d definitely recommend trying it as it will give you a great basis of understanding of what a well loaded method feeder should be like. Once you’ve developed that understanding it makes any mix you try far easier to get right. And it’s THE most important thing to get right in my opinion.

    The other thing I’d add is to make sure you’re using a proper hook for the job. By proper I mean a circle pattern like a guru QM1 or a Preston PRC1 or whatever has replaced that in their current range (I use the gurus).

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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??

    I set micro pellets or even small pellets for ten seconds then drain the water
    I use a method mix to stiffen the pellets up and add either corn or hemp depending on fishery rules

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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??

    Typically I prefer to use plain 2mm dampened pellets in my method feeder. If extra stickiness it needed, for fishing on deeper waters, then I only ever add in some Sensas 3000 Method Mix; it is stixcky enough with a good particle size and binds well with pellet.

    I rarely ever add in anything else and certainly not any freebie hook samples as I want just the one option for the carp, that being my hookbait.
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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??

    I’m definitely going to give your 221 a go next time I’m out - I’m desperate to get out now, but might be a few weeks before I can go again.

    I think I’ll also get myself some new Groundbait and pellets to try:

    I like the look of the one Nick was using in the article: Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut. Probably won’t bother getting the swim stim though in order to stick with your 221, but might try these pellets instead:
    Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Micro Sinking Carp Pellets

    I also have Guru hooks, they are the pre-made method hair rigs or Banded rigs.

    Any suggestions for the hair and do you put anything on the hook as well or tend to leave that free?

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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??


    Can I just check I’ve got your method correct:

    So using something similar in size to a plastic water dispenser cup.

    1. Add two cups of micros
    2. Add one cup of Groundbait
    3. Add two cups of water
    4. Mix well

    I normally mix about 200ml water to 1 pint groundbait, but I guess with the 221 as you are using more pellets to Groundbait these can soak up the extra water? Is that right?

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    Default Re: Groundbait Recipes for Method Feeder??

    Yes that’s exactly right. Needs about 20 mins to soak up. If raining or warm, keep it covered.

    A pellet on the band is fine with nothing on the actual hook. Size 16 is a good starting point. I carry a range of bandums, Wafters etc but often find a plain 6mm pellet works just as well.

    Let me know how you get on?

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