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    Default From Float to method.....

    After getting my feet with float, Ive gone all giddy and bought a Maver 11' feeder to add to my gear. Also have the 28g Guru feeder and mould to try.....

    I will be using Preston hooklinks wiht a decent gape....

    Feeder is elasticated and I hope to try it out on Sunday at Eaton Bray....

    Anyting I shouldl know as a noob ?

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    Default Re: From Float to method.....

    If it’s Park Farm Fisheries, personally I would of gone for a 20g feeder there is no current to move the feeder (the feeder you have will be ok) just a bit heavy and will sink into the silt
    (If you find you are sinking in the silt, try a pop up on a 6” hook length)
    Try casting two rod lengths out and in the same place to build a bed of feed mix some micro pellet in with your ground bait mix
    Fishing at two rod lengths you can if you want to ping some feed pellet out over your fishing aria
    Fish your rod at an angle to the line so the tip has a slight bend. And the tip just aboth the water, with the 28g feeder pick your heaviest feeder tip around 3oz if its carp you’re after

    Dont forget a good butt rest to stop your rod from being pulled in and set the cluch on your reel

    Tip size

    0.5oz - 1oz Stillwater Silverfish

    1.5oz - 2oz Stillwaters and slow-moving rivers Small carp, tench bream and silverfish

    2.5oz - 3oz Stillwaters and moderately flowing rivers Carp, tench and chub

    4oz - plus Distance fishing, the Method feeder and fast-flowing rivers Double-figure carp and barbel
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