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    Default Starting back up again


    Looking for some advice, i am relocating back to the UK from Australia soon and want to take up fishing after many years away from the sport, so will be requiring a full set up. I will be Joining Hyndburn and Blackburn angling club for still waters and also want to fish the River Ribble and Calder for chub, Dace Barble etc.

    Going to start purchasing equipment online in preparation for my move back, to be honest becoming a bit over whelmed with all the different rod types now etc. So thinking is a Avon rod for the River, but also want to float fish on stillwaters(chance of catching anything) and also use a quiver tip.

    Reels i have no idea how many i need or what type i require, been a good few years.

    My budget is middle of the road, any help or advice would be gratefully revived .



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    Default Re: Starting back up again

    Welcome back to fishing and the UK, and welcome to the forum
    My advice would be forget online buying, go to a good tackle shop, they can inform you of what waters in the area, also you get to handle the rods reels etc that you are thinking of buying, before you buy a rod, try and put the reel on it, this will give you an idea of weight and balance etc.
    I dont know of any good tackle shops around where you said,but there is a brilliant one about 25 minutes away called Leigh Tackle and Bait. Call in there and ask for Gavin or Steve, they will sort you out and not rip you off, Brilliant staff and service.
    There was Ted Carters on the way into Preston,another good shop. This has been taken over by Angling Direct, I have not used it since take over but if the original staff are still there that would be another one to look at.
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    Default Re: Starting back up again

    There’s more good news: The vast array of tackle available you’ve noticed has meant that there’s lots of choice and you can get kitted out with decent and certainly functional gear for reasonable prices.
    On top of this there’s plenty of information available via the internet, a great starting place for the fishing you have described would be Danny’s Angling Blog on Youtube. There’s a lot of river fishing on there, including the Ribble, how to approach a new club water and always delivered with enthusiasm and clear explanation.

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    Default Re: Starting back up again

    Welcome to FM. The previous two entries are spot on. I realise you will be keen to order tackle but it is always possible your enthusiasm from a distance will result in some unnecessary or even regrettable and expensive mistakes.
    You don't state how long it is since you fished here. You will probably find tackle has moved on a bit so dont rush it.

    When you get back to the UK and joined the clubs have a good walk around and see whats what. Then pop into those tackle shops and you can walk out with goodies in next to no time having actually had a feel of the stuff.

    The next most important thing is not to forget us here on FM. There is a very good long running thread called HOW DID YOU GET ON. Its not just for red letter days but even the blanks and how you progress will be interesting.

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    Default Re: Starting back up again

    Firstly, Welcome to FishingMagic and also back to angling in general.

    There will be a plethora of good advice and the vast array of different types of rods and tackle can, and probably will be, quite confusing.

    Regardless, the old methods will still catch fish, of all sizes, and a decent Avon style rod is a good start for the rivers. You will still need to find your fish, present a decent bait properly and feed well to be successful.

    FM members will always be more than happy to offer advice and wish to you well.

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    Default Re: Starting back up again

    Thanks for the response, Going to take the advice and go to my local tackle shop when i return. Will keep you all updated.

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    Default Re: Starting back up again

    I'm amazed that anyone would move to Blackburn from Australia!!
    Don't do it !!

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    Default Re: Starting back up again

    Hi and welcome to FM
    There’s a tackle shop called the tackle box who sell some very good rod reel combos called Darent Valley and won’t cost an arm and leg to get you going

    Here is a link to their rods and reels

    Search results
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    Default Re: Starting back up again

    Can't get back quick enough tigger, they don't do ale or chippy tea like we do

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    Default Re: Starting back up again

    Cheers Chris,

    Looked at these rods and they really appeal, but then start getting in a bit of a spin thinking how many Rods i would need. I was thinking for Darent Valley I would need.

    1.25lb Twin tip quiver - use this on the River Calder for Clubbing. That ticks all the boxes

    But then if i want to float fish and light ledger would that be 2 more rods? the float rod would ideally be used for Trotting.

    Think they do a Float rod 13ft , that may well do for trotting and still water

    and the 0.75 might do for light ledger work. still water and canal.

    Then i look at an all round rod and the price ie. John Wilson avon 11ft 13ft .

    So caught between those options



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