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    I find bream fishing is more consistent on natural venues ..... I have a couple of favourites......
    Then it’s important to be in the area they are feeding no amount of bait will help if they are not there....... it’s worth visiting the venue before hand and asking at the local tackle shop ...... also speak with the bailiff.
    Location location location!!!
    I don’t do anything special but I follow a few self imposed rules.
    I never fish further out than I can comfortably fish.
    I never set up loads of gear just one rod suited to the size of the venue.
    I only use basic baits ...... pinkies/maggots.......groundbait .....worms.
    I always spend time casting round with a bomb to try and find a snag/weed free area to fish.
    I like to use an inline cage feeder but the minimum length of hook length is 10 inch no maximum.
    I don’t throw bait I just use the feeder......mainly because our venues don’t allow throwing bait.
    Kis....... keep it simple....
    This is how I do things it’s not necessarily the best way but it works for me....
    Remember 30 pound of bream is a pretty decent bag of fish....
    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: How to catch bream

    I'd say fish for difficult carp, that's the best was to catch bream?

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    Default Re: How to catch bream

    Why wont you be able to pre-bait,fish two days running in the same peg,even if the first session is only an afternoon one,just before you pack up put a fair bit in,mini spod,groats,wheat,mixed carp pellets etc,at least half a gallon on a decent sized water,one thing is certain each water is different and need different approaches,as has been said natural waters tend to be best,but persistence is required to get the big bags,as red letter days dont happen every trip,even with the most comprehensive of pre-baiting campaigns....

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