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    Taking the opportunity as this new category launches, I thought it would be worthwhile asking what our sites beginners and improvers would like to see covered in the First Class Fishing articles that I write.

    It's easy for me to keep banging them out, but is I'm not sure I'm covering what you want, so any suggestions for future topics would be welcome.

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    Mick Fleet Guest


    Hi Dave.
    Ive allways been a great believer in keeping things as simple as possible rig wise, and have become a little disolusioned at some of the mega high tech rigs (especially carp rigs)that some of the experts seem to bang on about.
    Trouble is, as im sure your aware, some of those rigs may only be of use on some of the exclusive circuit waters these guys fish, and as such are of little advantage to those on club waters.
    It would be nice to see an article describeing basic, but good reliable rigs (for whatever species)that catch fish and that the youngsters can make without the need for a degree in rocket science to put together.
    Articles that deal with watercraft and dispel the myth that youve got to have the latest (and most expensive!) gear would im sure also help out newcomers to the sport.

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    Cheese Paste Guest


    I would like to see a feature on unhooking pike. I would love to seriously fish for pike but am put off by my lack of knowledge of unhooking and general handling of them.

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    Thanks for the comments. The articles so far have covered float and legering and I have tried to keep the rigs described at their most basic & simple to set up. Are you specifically talking carp rigs? If so, I do plan to do an introduction to carp fishing as a separate subject and will describe very basic carp rigs that catch fish.

    Cheese Pate

    I'm not a great pike fisherman myself, but I know a man who is. Leave it with me and I'll see if I can arrange a 'one off special'.

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    Dave Rothery Guest


    Mick - have you looked at "the rig library"? go LIKE THESE will help with watercraft. If you use the search button, most of its on here somewhere!

    Ask away though!

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    Dave Rothery Guest


    please fix mr rik!

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    Chris Bishop Guest



    There's an article on here by Gary Knowles with some good advice.

    There's plenty more on the Pike Anglers Club site -

    The PAC also do a great book which goes into this and all the methods for about six quid called Piking Beyond 2000.

    Whatever you do don't be put off.

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    <a href=>Good beginner's guide to pike fishing</a>

    With links at the bottom of the page to lots of other good piking articles.

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    Kevin Timney Guest


    Firstly I have to say that I have found the First Class Fishing articles very useful so thanks for continuing to write them.
    As for ideas for new topics. I would find a beginners guide to setting up and using poles and whips a great help.

    Thanks Kevin

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    Tony Wainwright (Twainy) Guest


    Dave, I agree with Kevin. I have not taken up pole fishing because I dont know the first thing about pole fishing. I want something which like your previous articles covers things right from the very beginning.

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