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    Neil Higgins Guest


    I am looking to buy a centrepin but don't know what one to go for. I want to make the right choice as a decent pin costs a lot of money.

    I would like to use it for smaller fish both on stillwater and trotting on medium sized rivers. I also thought I could use it to float or surface fish for small carp (upto about 5lb) on one of my local ponds.

    Any suggestions would be welcome, either on a particular model or how and when to use a pin.


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    Shrek Guest


    Hi Neil,

    I've got a Vintage Trudex Centerpin that I bought off Ebay, they are currently running between 50 & 60. I'm very happy with this for trotting a float down a river. It's a narrow drum version as I find that easier to hold for a long session.

    The other 'pin I have is a Leeds Centrepin. This is a wide drum model that I have yet to christen but will use it for larger fish i.e carp, barbel etc. These are still manufactured and a brand new one can be bought for around 50. It's a wide drum model so should be easier to control that spin with application of finger pressure.

    The main things your are looking for in a 'pin, in my opinion, are that it spins for ages, has no wobble at all, and is in good condition. Obviously if you are buying a brand new one then the above will now come into it as you are getting a brand new product. However, if like me you wanted to see how you got on with one first before splashing out lots of cash, then buying a second hand one may be a more viable option. They take some getting used to, especially casting with one (if you search the archives you'll find a great article on how to cast and a short video clip of how to do it). In fact, searching the archives of previous posts may well turn up some information that you need too.

    Let us know how you get on and what you end up getting.

    Tight lines


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    Nick King Guest


    ive got a leeds centerpin that i`ve had for about 2 years.its still sitting in its box unused!!i`m determined to get off my arse and use it this year.i believe there is a center pin fish in this summer organised by someone from the fishing magic website.if so i`ll be atending to get some expert tuition and hopefully catch my first center pin fish...

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    Wag Guest


    As Adrian says, the Leeds reels are very good value for money at under 50, and will do most of what you want. They are available mail order from Kirkgate Anglers in Leeds (of all places) in a variety of flavours from about 40 - Tel no is 0113 2434880, they'll be able to advise on the differences.
    If you are sure you want to spend the money, and will use it, go for a Bob James reel from Young's. They are available for 200 from Swifty's online shop, and are designed for Wallis casting and trotting, and are superbly made.
    I would be wary of buying a used centrepin from Ebay, good ones are fetching silly prices, and the cheap ones are a risky purchase. For the money you can buy new, and get a full guarantee.

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    Some good advice from the other FM members above.
    As well as the Leeds and the Young's reels, you might like to consider the Dave Swallow and Arnold Kingpin. Both are very well made, of similar design and run on ball bearings.
    Details of prices are available from Ringwood Tackle (01425 475155) Avon Angling Centre (01425 461038) Davis Tackle (01202)485169
    Take a look at the Davis Tackle website for further details. They also have some nice reels in their second-hand tackle section.

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    Alan Roe Guest


    The tuition day that you are refering to is to be held at the RMC venue at fishers Green aon the first Sunday of the new season and will feature Alan Tompkins Allan Marshall and myself.
    For those of us that live in Northern climbs I will be appearing at the Cheshire Game Fair the Prince Albert Open Day and I belive at the Royal Lancashire Show.
    Those that can't make any of these can e-mail me and I will sort out some time to help you out.

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    Alan's demonstration of the Wallis cast is worth a look.
    At the bottom of the page you can download a short video clip which shows you exactly how to perform the cast.

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    Stu Black Guest



    is the Prince Albert open-day open to non members?


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    Wag Guest


    I don't know if it's open to non-members, but if you have to get one of them big rings through the end I'm not joining!

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    Wag Guest


    Or is it a different kind of Prince Albert?

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