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Thread: France

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    Ok I'm of to France later this year guys could anyone tell me a bit about Baits? I mean can i take my own? are there any restrictions? and can you fish any method? i read it is very much the same as the UK but like most things There is obviously small print!

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    I'm off too in about 13 days, 9 hours and 37 minutes but who's counting?
    Baits, use what you use here but bigger. Don't be afraid to hit them with 20m boilies, but, be sure to make sure they are near on rock solid Carl. I'll drop some more tips on here later mate, cos I've been getting them in!

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    Carl, Cakey had some excellent results on popped up maize on the method, cakey, come and spill the beenz?

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    Stu Black Guest


    Looks like quite a few on here are going this year. Where you going Carl?

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    Not sure Stu near paris its a toss up between 2 i,m leaving that to the experinced guys i,m just handing over the dosh!

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Carl, try the lolly-pop rig.

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    If you had noticed by the picture i'm wearing a swimming hat! i have hair down my back really!!!!
    anyhow thanks for your info on France Bunny very informative!!!!!!!

    I'm looking forward to your bivvy!

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    Cakey Guest


    Im here !
    There are restrictions about taking food to France but we take cans and get the rest out there,its cheaper and better quality.
    As for baits I dont know about any restrictions ,no one seems interested.
    Since June last year Im on a self imposed boilie ban and fishing particles instead.
    In France Ive found popped up sweetcorn or maize to be really good and not being plagued by tench or bream etc Ive carried on using it.
    I use Solar yellow rig foam cut and shaped like sweetcorn or maize,do several bits then put a hole through ready for the hair,then drop them in a small pot of the sweetcorn or maize juices to soak,Ive found the Solar rig foam to be better than the stuff that looks like sweetcorn or maize because one piece will pop up several bits.
    I only use Jolly Green Giant sweetcorn because it crispy and stays on hair better,I only use Dynamite Baits maize because it smells better and I know its properly prepared.
    One more thing I always put the pop up foam 2nd one down,ie sweetcorn-foam-sweetcorn-sweetcorn-sweetcorn-sweetcorn.....I just think it looks better to the fish what ever way it eyes it ,silly but its what I do.
    I then like to bait up with a normal size tin of sweetcorn round each hookbait,but last time in France they were having it large on the method,so good luck.

    p.s.stop taking the pi55 out of Wol (bunny)......nature has already done it.

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    I used solar rig foam last month didn't have much luck though, but it sounds a diferent proposition over there.
    Thanks Cakey.
    Looking forward to meeting this guy Bunny apparently according to Stu He's having a bivvy party at selby!!!!!!!

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