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    With my new Hit and hold margin master can anybody reccomend what size elastic please? I figure i will need 22 but would be nice to get some of your thoughts

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    Bob Watson Guest


    HI Carl.

    Never used the stuff myself but would that hydrolastic in the heavier gauge be any good, more of a question than a suggestion. Seen a couple of articles on it and a lot of people seem to be using it on carp puddles now.
    These hit and hold poles should take a 22 no probs though, just balance your line to it.

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    Bob Watson Guest


    Wasn't thinking there Carl, the heaviest elastic I've heard of is 20, but my pole (ahem) hasn't seen the light for a couple of seasons now, so I've not kept up on the subject. Could be up to 30 for all I know.

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    Stu Black Guest


    I've heard of poles being rated att 22 but only ever seen elastic up to 20 which is enough of a bungee rope to stop most fish. I'd set it quite loose though so that any smaller fish can be landed too

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    hi carl
    i use a lerc margin pole and the elastic i use is 16 through 3 sections, but i have lost some good fish, not because of the elastic but the hooks have pulled out.

    the line i use with it is super T1 .16 tied direct and i have landed several doubles with it, it all depends what size fish your after

    any questions email me

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