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Thread: Spools & line

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    Hi people,

    Is there a right and wrong way of putting line onto your spool? I ask because i have just bought some line, a brand this time, and put it onto my spool. Yet it seems to have a little bit of a 'slinky spring' look to it.

    So peeps, can you help..


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    Rasmus Keis Guest


    Hello Darren

    Do you by "slinky spring" mean the line is very loose on the spool? If so you havent been keeping the line under enough tension while putting it on. A trick could be to put your spool in a glas of water leaving it for several hours (at least 12). Somehow this tightens the line.

    Rasmus, Denmark

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    not so much loose on the spool, just when i cast out it springs off :-(
    I dont know why it does it, got a decent line this time so assume it's the way i have been putting it onto the spool.
    I do add pressure to the line (well the missus does & i reel it in through a couple of sections of rod). Dont know if i am adding enough though. How much would you say, ie if the pressure was equal to a fish then how heavy would it be?

    Cheers again :-)

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    Rasmus Keis Guest


    It sounds like youre doing everything right.

    3 possibilities:

    - too much line on the spool, remember to keep 3 mm between the rim of the spool and the line when using nylon/mono.

    - youre using to heavy line on a small reel, use a lower diameter line.

    - the line is ****, buy quality

    If this doesn't work I havent got a clue to whats wrong.

    good luck, Rasmus, Denmark

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    Robert Draper Guest


    It could just be line memory, sometimes line takes a couple of trips to settle down. I generally use Maxima Chameleon and reckon on having three bad trips with each filling before it stops doing odd things.

    Have you checked for line twist? If you dont know how to do this take hold of a good foot of line about ten feet up the line, hold it between thumb and finger on either side and bring your hands together. Twisted line will plait itself up, untwisted line should just form a big loop.

    If it is line twist then you need to find a field or something where you can lay out fifty feet or so of line on grass. Walk backwards dragging the line throught the grass as far as possible then reel back in, it should help matters.

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    The line needs to come off the spool the correct way to avoid initial springyness. However put a straight lead on, of the appropriate size then in a clear open field cast as much line of as is reasonable and reel back under tension. Do this a few times prior to going fishing and it should solve the problem of coils of line peeling off the spool when you come to fish.

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    Thanks guys, i shall try these things..... Is it worth buying one of those Spin Doctors that was mentioned in another thread?

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    Mark Williams Guest


    The mechanics of loading line on to a fixed spool is that every thrun of the bail arm imparts half a turn of twist. That's why it's not ideal to load from a revolving spool of line. Instead, try this; tie the line to the reel spool, then lay the spool of line on the floor on its side. Turn the reel handle. Note the direction (clockwise, anti-clockwise) the bail arm turns. Now ensure that the line is peeling off the line spool in the same direction, and stick the line spool to the floor with BluTack that way up. Now, each turn off the line spool imparts half a twist, and the bail arm reverses the twist. Problem solved.
    The idea of walking a few hundred yards with the line peeling off the reel, then relling it back on under slight tension is also excellent to put things right.

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