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    alan outen Guest


    i went fishing last night, about 3 hours before high tide and compeltely blanked on worm. about 1/2 hour past high tide an elderly gent turn upand in an hour had at least severn bass. when i spoke to him he said he was using mackeral flies. afterwatching him for 5 mins (and 2 bass) i decided to get out my flies but couldnt catch anything. can anyone tell me what size line and weights to use, and how to use the flies. i tried to copy the gentlast night but he was to fast to watch!. thanks

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    Dave Godwin Guest


    these are commonly known as mackerel feathers and are usually bought in a rig of 4 -6 hooks
    the tecnique is to attach a weight to suit the tides etc on one and connect your mainline to the other, cast out and let the rig sink to the bottom, take up the slack and start to jig the rig up in the water about 3-4 feet then let it fall back after about 6 goes wind in about 4 turns on the reel and repeat gradually raising the rig up the water column uhtil you find the depth the fish are at


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    alan outen Guest


    cheers for that. any idea what sortof line to use. ive only got a 10 ft beach caster set up with a 40lb line and when i tried casting sometime i would all knot up. i am thinking of putting 1 20/25lb line on another reel. will this help?

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    Dave O'L Guest


    Alan is your multiplier a casting reel?
    If so it needs adjusting to stop the 'overun'.
    If fishing from the shore & not rocks or rough 15lb is ideal of course with a shock leader.

    You shouldn't fish with 40lb line all the way through, unless for specialist reasons. If anything happened you'd never break it & would have to cut it, also if your rod is a beachcaster you are risking breaking it?

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    alan outen Guest


    no my reel is a fixed spool.

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    alan outen Guest


    if anyones interested and live in portsmouth there is a large shoal of bass off of hayling bridge. in two nights i know of 16 large bass caught on feathers. theyre not going for anything else at the moment.
    good luck to who ever tries there

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    Dave O'L Guest


    Won't be there long, Alan once the commercials cotton on - Unfortunately?

    As for the reel Alan are you overfilling it to get a good length on the spool.
    Maybe try feathering your cast at the end as the lead is dropping more vertically & it maybe you are getting a few extra coils comming off?
    I don't really know without seeing it?
    Maybe ask at the tackle shop?

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