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Thread: paste recipe

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    could anyone give me a paste mixture for carp, ie. ingredients, weights and method of mixing.
    I,m knew to this and only 12yrs old so i would be gratefull for as much detail as possible.

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    Dave Rothery Guest


    trout pellets. cover with water and leave overnight. bingo!

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    Dave I always use boiling water ( be VERY, VERY CAREFUL ) is cold water effective as well.

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    Dave Rothery Guest


    works for me - i dont like boling water as i think (probably wrongly) it can affect the oil

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    once you have soaked them over night, do you drain them then press them together to make the paste.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Hi Jason,
    You don't have to leave them soaking overnight. The pellets are scalded for about a minute or two, then the extra water is drained off, leave them for another 10 minutes to let the water soak right in and cool down a bit then you can mould them together into a paste.

    Remember to let them cool down before trying to mould them together though, then you can store it in the fridge if you make them the night before going fishing or it's so quick to make you can do in just before you leave the house or even on the bank using water from the venue, but it will take a bit longer using cool water and depending on the size of the pellets you use to make the paste.

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    I did as sugested but when i molded it together into paste it was that soft it wouldnt stay on the hook, did do something wrong or has anyone any other sugestions?

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    It sounds like you left the water on too long, try puting a pint of pellets in a tub then add a cup of cold or warm water, put on the lid and shake the tub for about 20 - 30 seconds.

    Then pour out the extra water that's left in the tub. Leave the pellets for about 5 minutes and then give one a squeeze (try this with a few of them),

    If most are still hard in the centre leave them for another few minutes, if most are soft but still firm when squeezed then you can mould them into a ball and knead them together for a few minutes.

    Or if they are still mostly hard and only the outer skin of the pellets is soft then spray some more water over them again and leave them to soak again.

    If you find they are too soft like last time you can add a little ground up pellets or ground bait to firm the mix up as you mould it till it's as tough as you want.

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    albert watkinson Guest


    jason finney
    hello jason glad you have joined the ranksi started at your age and i am past 76 now.i am a barbel and chub angler so i know very little about carp.however i am giving you a recipe which has taken double figure carp several from the supermarket..
    semolina 5
    soya flour 4
    milk powder 3
    ground rice 2
    2 medium eggs
    whip the eggs up with a fork and add the powder not all at once.when you have used half of the powder wait for 10 minutes because it will go stiffer.if you want to flavour it put your own special in with the eggs.if you want a nice boilie boil the water and make sure they are covered for 30 45 seconds.done right it makes a nice paste and with your own 'secret' flavour.trial and error jason keep at it.feel free to mail me.i am always willing to pass on what i have learned

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    albert watkinson Guest


    sorry jason
    those figures are tablespoons .ive been at the tom and jeryr's again

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