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Thread: trotting rod?

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    What is the best rod for trotting?
    How long, how strong etc.
    I have about 150 to spend, any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    If you are fishing a smallish river for roach with a stick float I would recommend the Drennan DRX 14 foot Float Rod. Takes lines up to 3 lbs bs and is a delight.

    If you want to trot a river for chub and barbel, you can't beat a Drennan Tench Float. Will handle lines easily up to 8 lbs.

    Sorry to push Drennan but they truly are superlative sticks and I can assure you I get nothing from Drennan for recommending them. They are in your price range too.

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    My advice is check the ring sizes out as some of the new float rods have very small inners for the line to pass through. I have just brought the preston active carbon 13ft float road and the rings are just to small to allow the line to peel of as i like when I use my centerpin.
    The trouble is the light match style rods always have small rings fitted , I think ABU do a float rod with large rings I can remember reading about them a while back but I don't know what they are like. For my roach fishing I end up using a Shimano Diaflash 13ft float rod . If your after larger fish then Harrison do some nice float roads in that price bracket as does Shimano Daiwa and Drennan.You may want a longer rod say upto 15ft for better control but they do tend to feel heavy at longer lengths.
    Rods are always hard to pick so many around it's best to pop up to a tackle shop and have a play.

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