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Thread: line colour

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    mike smith Guest


    i have just spooled up my new reels with white maxima line and i finding very few and not at all wife was using my old reels and was having a great day could this line be spooking the fish.

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    hi mike donot like white line on coasre reels as it stands out in the water. The best i have found is black or dark green

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    John McLaren Guest


    It depends what you mean by white. There are some lines that appear white on the spool but are translucent and they should not cause fish to spook. I use Maxima Chameleon which has a brownish colour that does seem to blend very well in the water but

    I have not come across the variety you refer to. If your line really is white bin it (or take up sea fishing!) and revert to the standard Maxima.

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    Jason Lennon Guest


    I will back up what John has said. I am a river man myself, although I do do a spot of pond fishing every now & again.
    I swear by Maxima Chameleon - it's relatively cheap, blends in with the water well, but most importantly it easily equals more expensive lines as far as abrasion resistance goes. I have three spools for my reel 3lb,5lb & 8lb - all Maxima Chameleon. The best value for your hard earned cash in my opinion.

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    mike smith Guest


    thanks all sorry i emailed u instead of replying here.
    i will try the cameleon its sounds a good all round line thanks

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    Tony O'dell Guest


    Drennan Specimen Plus is also a very good line...many have stated this is same line as maxima but without a slightly different dye used on the line. If i remember rightly it is a bit cheaper as well.

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    mike smith Guest


    thanks tony will have a good browse when im next in the tackle shop

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