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    Can anyone tell me the basics of baitrunner/freespool/freeliner reels and how they differ from taking the Instant Anti-reverse setting off?
    I am looking to do some method feeder fishing and all I have read and heard suggests that this sort of reel is essential.
    Many thanks,

    Jon Strutt

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    John Pleasance Guest


    With a baitrunner set to the freespool mode it has more or less the same effect as having a very slackly set clutch,the fish is able to take line with minimal resistance, but once a fish is on and the baitrunner is turned off you are then playing the fish as per usual.

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    The baitrunner reel ensures that if a decent fish slams into your bait you don't loose your rod in the water.

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    Tony O'dell Guest


    If you sit next to your rods it is possible to fish a similar way with the anti reverse off so the reel back winds when a fish runs off with the bait ( churner fishing was the term used for this )
    However with carp and tench there is a chance of getting an overun where the reel continues to spin after the fish has stopped causing a tangle around the reel..possible then causing your tackle to be pulled in. Churner fishing used to work well with the old Mitchell 300 reels due to there gearing...also works quite well with reels with double handles or balanced handles

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    My advise is leave the backwind on and buy a baitrunner. The baitrunner system is a safe way for fishing. As Tony stated that method was used as well as loosening of the clutch on the reel and even leaving the bail arm open before the baitrunners came out, but now modern reels will end up in a mess from a stong run with the backwind on. Plus you have a spinning handle to stop.
    Both Shimano And Daiwa make good reels in this class.
    One point check the reel fits your rod as there are different sizes of reel seats out there. My Fox barbel kevlar with not accept baitrunners yet takes line up to 15lb.If you use a carp rod then you should be fine.

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    My Kevlar takes the Shim. 5010!

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    Cakey Guest


    One thing to watch is one turn of a bait runner (or loose clutch)= one twist in line so buy a bait runner with good twist busters built in and detwist/untwist the line regular.
    I do mine by taking of a 100yds or so and winding back in through long grass (nothing on the end of the line)

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    The new rods do but we preordered ours and after some phone calls found out the handle has been changed from the oringinal ones we had. Our old gt baitrunners needed to be altered at the handle with a file. I can just get the Daiwa 3000c on it the same with the Shimano Stella 4000. Got the Harrison Chimera snag rods now and they have a much better reel seat.

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    Should say I brought 2 Kevlar's and that there is nothing wrong with the blanks they have performed very well. Do not like the hook keeper I feel it will break as it is based on a hinge design and glued not whipped onto the rod, and the quality of the cork handles are not quite top quality as the filler has fallen out leaving lots of deep holes in both. You do get a fair bit for your money I paid 179 each and you do get a good selection of tips.
    If it was not for the handle it would be great .I noticed the rods now have a bulge around the reel seat where ours is almost straight in appearance.The best fitting reel was the young's purist pin , just right for my carp chub and roach fishing. Call me silly but I did not go back to fox about this instead I brought new rods to replace them but I do carry them as spare. Now I use the Chimera barbel rod and to be honest it has a better action for me than the fox, more of a compound taper with great strength in the bottom section without being to stiff very similar to the Bruce & Walker Hexegraph rods but without the wobble and weight.

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