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Thread: Pole Rigs

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    I've just started pole fishing and I'm a bit lost as to what everything means on the pole rigs.

    I bought two polemaster rigs that are easy to understand.

    Main Line 5lb , Hook Length 4lb, 0.5g etc.

    Others however I don't understand.

    4*12, 83-13 size 12 hook, main 0.16, h length 0.14

    whats 4*12
    I understand main and h length but what does 0.16 refer to is this line diameter or breaking strain in a measurement I'm not failure with.

    Any help please

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    Hi David the 0.16 is the line diameter and I am not sure about the other figures as I have not seen these packets.
    Size 12 is your hook size.
    Perhaps the 4"12 is the length of the setup.
    83-13 has me lost maybe a code used by the manufacturer but just a guess.

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    Why do they document the diameter of the line rather than the breaking strain on some rigs or does the diameter, how do you know on these rigs what your BS is.

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    Hi again your main line is 5lb in strength and .16 in diameter. The rig packets should always show the strength in lbs it's that there are many makes of line say at 5lbs rating but many have different diameters. I use Preston powerline and Daiwa super shinobi in various line ratings from 2lbs to 10lbs. (10lbs I use for my float fishing with a rod as it is thin and strong)
    Remember to match your line with your poles elastic. I am guessing your elastic is about 10-12 in strength.

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    William Spencer Guest


    david don't panic the 4*12 is the shotting capacity of the float.however this is normally styl weights and not split shot.the 83-13 is the hook pattern.i will send you a split shot/styl weight conversion chart to you.

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    Yes I have an 8-10 elastic and a 10-12. One of the reasons I ask was that in the tackle shop everyone was talking about using lines of .whatever and never mentioning the BS of the line, also on some of the middy rigs I've not found any BS rating just line diameters. I've not bought any of these though, I've just been looking around trying to understand it all.

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    Thanks William

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    You will soon pick it up I only use my pole a couple of times a year when I fish a local lake for carp. I do not use pole floats just the normal run of the mill float I use for river fishing 3aaa in weight.I also surface fish with the pole or free line with it. I am still getting to grips with it.
    I'm a rod and reel man you could say as I use to hate poles,but after trying them out it's not to bad.
    Just one warning a friend of ours got his pole line stuck in a tree opposite where he was fishing.He pulled on the elastic towards him and when the hook parted the setup came back so fast the wire stem of the float went into his hand.

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    my wife and self have just come back from norfolk off holiday and whilst there we bought 2 cheap pole rigs,( having seen other anglers using them and catching big carp and looking easy) but have,nt a clue how too use them, as in the bag was the pole 5mtr and 4mtr and a rig (att to each with line shot hook float) at the end of thetop section of pole is a small ring !

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