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Thread: pesky roach!!!

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    Jason Lennon Guest


    Ok experts, can you tell me how to solve this one?
    I have recently taken up pole fishing, at my local pond.

    The best bait for that pond is the old trusty bread.

    However, whilst the pole gives me great accuracy, and good bite indications, I have a problem.

    There are crucian, a few small commons, koi, goldfish,tench, sturgeon and millions(it seems) of roach.

    The problem is this. I will plonk my bread in the water and I get the same thing over & over again.
    The float bobs & bobs & bobs & bobs, but doesnt go under. I know this will be the roach nibbling at the bread, but they end up taking all the bread off the hook without a single positive bite!
    I dont mind catching the roach, but when the float does eventually go under, it's too quick for me to stike for!
    What do I do? I've tried big bits of bread & teeny pieces - no joy.

    Any and all advice will be much appreciated.

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    Oct 2002


    Jason Id say it is probably the crucian not the roach,,,,,,, You just need to get faster.

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    Jason Lennon Guest


    although I said there was some in the pond there aint that many crucian in there - but there are some decent sized ones though.
    It's so depressing, I can sit there in my normal spot with my float right next to a patch of floating lilies watching the float bobbing and bobbing and bobbing, then all of a sudden, after about 10 minutes of the fish constantly pushing my bait around ,and bobbing the float, the float will go under for half a second - how do you strike for that?? there's no time to react!! Even when you strike when the float is on it's way under(which is hard to know cos the float's constantly bobbing), the float has popped back up before the hook can be set.
    I was taught that you strike when the float goes under and stays under for a reasonable period of time. Was I taught wrongly?

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    Dot the float down as low as you can, it might be they can feel the float as the take the bait and are spitting it out, Also try feeding some liquidised bread around you float to try to get them competing for the feed, a small nuget the size of a walnut will keep them going for a while and don't refeed till the bites become cagey again or tail off.

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    Jason Lennon Guest


    I do the liquidised bread thing all the time when I'm fishing with bread on the hook Rodney. except I put a small amount of highoil trout pellet powder and liquidised hempseed in it. that brings the fish in much better, and the pellet powder fizzes the water (a) attracting fish, (b)showing you exactly where your loosefeed is so you can stick the float right in the middle every time. Catch crucian, tench big roach like that.
    Caught the sturgeon too using that method.

    I'm not good at converting weights, but my float takes 1bb, 1 No 4, 1 No 8. what would that convert to for the grouping of shot you are suggesting Rodney?
    And how many of which weights in each grouping? I normally have just 1bb at the float and the 4 & 8 I put halfway between float & hooklength.

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    Rasmus Keis Guest


    If you cant hook them then why do you think bread is the best bait??
    Try maggots, caster, sweetcorn, worms etc. - baits the fish cant break to pieces from the hook. With that many fish present you must be able to catch with other baits.

    Rasmus, Denmark

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    For shotting pole floats I don't use any shot bigger than a No8, so I use No8's as the bulk and No10's or No12's as droppers.

    Here's a conversion of Shot weights:

    SSG = 1.6g
    AAA = 0.81g
    BB = 0.4g
    No1 = 0.28g
    No4 = 0.20g
    No6 = 0.10g
    No8 = 0.06g
    No10 = 0.04g
    No12 = 0.025g

    I use a Float shotter which is a small neutral buoyancy container which the float clips on to and drop the shot into untill the float is sitting at the depth I want then I can make up the rig and it's just a case of adding a No10 or 12 shot to set the tip up or down in the water when I get to the venue.

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    Stu Black Guest


    how do you use such small shot? I really have a problem with anything under a 6.

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    John Pleasance Guest


    Move the bottom shot nearer the hook.

    Try a bigger hook.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    I'm begining to struggle a bit myself Stu, but I'm just managing it at the moment, soon be time for a bigger float though....maybe try for carp more often )

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