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Thread: 1st winter Chub

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    Hi, I have a little spare time at the moment due to an injury at work and would like to do a spot of chub fishing.
    I am a convert from an upbringing on match fishing in the Sheffield area and have just returned to the sport. I now live in south west London area (Sunbury on Thames) and am looking for advice on which rivers and bait to try.
    Hope someone can help, cheers Garry.

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    David Will Guest


    Lucky old you Garry.The river near you like the rest of the Thames is underfished.In your area you may well se a few anglers fishing for the Carp or Barbel particularily in the Hampton area.Have a look at the area around the rear of Hampton Station.There are Chub in thse areas too but I would suggest Teddington or Penton Hook.Fish a feeder with maggot during the day or big baits at dusk and into dark which like any river is the best time on the Thames.If you get this weeks Anglers Mail (week ending 21/12/03) Bill Rushmer details the Teddington bit.On top of the Thames fishing you have the Rivers Mole and Ember near you which do big Chub and Barbel.Most of the Thames near you is free fishing and one spot I like is at the end of a lane called River Walk near Petersham so get out the A-Z for directions from you.At Sunbury you have the areas near to the Flower Pot pub and access is via the playground just up the road.There is loads of quality fishing so enquire at local Tackle Shops for more details try
    Tackle Exchange
    97, Terrace Rd
    Walton-On-Thames Surrey KT12 2SG

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    Thanks for all the info David. I am begining a winter campaign of some of the areas of the Thames that you suggest. You don't happen to know anything about the Colne, particularly the section at staines moor, do you.
    It's good to see that someone is willing to help out this frustrated angler, cheers.

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