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    Im an absolute beginner and my rod has thick line with it. Can I just tie a lighter breaking strain line to it, if so how much?

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    Short answer is yes you can,and I suppose just a hooklength would be the minimum amount.

    However, it would be much better if you gave us a little more information about your rod and what you intend to fish for and how you intend to fish for them.

    Probably better to ditch the thick line altogether and put some new line on your reel, bulk spools are pretty cheap and will keep for ages if kept in a cool and dark place

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    I have a ron thompson spinning rod with a fairly basic okuma reel. I intend to fish for carp and other coarse fish. Should I fill the whole spool with 4lb line???

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    jason fisher Guest


    set your rod up then get a plastic bag and tie it onto the line,

    put varying weights into the bag till you find what weight it takes to pull the tip round to 90 degrees to the but of the rod,
    once you've done this let us know and we will be able to work out what line strengths the rod is suitable for.

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    No Stephen its not a wind up, this will tell you the test curve of the rod and will give a good idea as to what the rod can be used for and what bs line to use with it.

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