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Thread: New Pole Advice

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    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a new pole. In the past i've only used a margin pole and as such this will be my first "proper" pole.
    My local tackle shop has recommended the Leeda Powerhouse X 14.5m. It comes with power top 2 and a 4 piece margin pole. I do like to target mostly carp on pools / lakes but I also sometimes go for roach / rudd etc. Would this pole be suitable for me?
    My local dealer has it up for 200 but in some mag's it's listed at 150. I've held the pole and its feels ok to me as a novice. Does anyone have any experience of this pole or advice to give?
    p.s. I'd really like to support my local dealer and purchase it from him. In other peoples experience would a local shop reduce the price to compete with a mail order company?

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    I've just upgraded from a heavy,floppy 9m museum piece to a shimano technium.the advanced pole angler mag gave it the gold award for poles under 200,it's 12.5 m,comes with 2 top 2's and will do me for a long while.wmca(listed on the left) are doing them for 160 which is a steal.
    Are you sure that your local dealer wnats you to have the pole or just doesnt want it himself,I know I'm a synic,but be aware of salesmen of any description.

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    Go 4 the grim reaper 12,5 elstic up to 20 spear top 2 and match top 3 at 185.
    As to your as to make some profit thier is no way to compeat with a mail order company as they bay by the bulk.

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    How often will you need to fish the pole at 14.5 metres. If the answer is not very often I'd be inclined to go for a slightly shorter but better quality pole - the Shimano Technium is a good choice ( I don't know about the Grim Reaper so can't comment).

    Have you asked your local dealer if they are able to move on the price or throw in the PTFE bushes, bungs and elastic, plus perhaps a few floats - that's probably worth 15 or thereabouts! Most local dealers I've purchased poles from have been able to do this in order to make the sale more attractive.

    If the difference between mail order and you local dealer is only 20-25 I'd be inclined to buy from the local dealer. After you take into account the carraige costs for mail order the extra few quid you spend with your local dealer is worth it in terms of the service and info you'll gain from them in the long-term as a "valued customer".

    However, if the difference is as much as 50, and you can't get any worthwhile freebies from the local dealer, I'd be inclined to buy mail order.


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    William Spencer Guest


    the technium is an excellent all round pole i use one as well as a maver pole and shakespeare pole.i just seem to pull the technium out time and careful with the wmac price,it's not a dodgy price,just last years model.

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    Recently bought the shimano technium for 170 by mail order.I am a novice on the pole and pretty much winging it on what little knowledge i have and it is a pure pleasure and a doddle to use.for what it is worth i think you should try and get a dealer to let you have a feel of one.
    By the way,complete pole angling magazine gave it the gold star for polea under 200.

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    Forgot to add that i too like to use the local tackle dealer when ever poss but if they dont have what you want then dont be pressured,they will have your support in all the elastics,bushes,floats,bait,shot etc if you get my drift.
    Also it was a valid point about using 14.5 m.will you ? the technium is 12.5 and just the job for the forseable future.

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    hello all if ant body has any help or tips i would be most grateful im new to using a pole and i am intending on entering competions think im a gluten for punishment lol cheers

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