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  1. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    I have to admit it Neil; that 'bionic' Tench on a size 6 elastic was pure 'class'

    And what are a few 'dropped' Roach between friends . . . ?

    Made me smile though . . . .
  2. Neil Maidment's Avatar
    It was that first early carp of yours that made me stay on the baggin waggler for so long, completely biteless, but they must be out there!

    A swift change to the method on the same line and hey presto three screamers in a row (I lost the middle one so only had two in the net!) and then nothing, absolutely nothing!

    Glad you didn't mention the odd decent roach I attempted to swing to hand on the pole! But the 4lbs+ tench up in the water was a class act I must admit. What was it Mark W. was twittering about? Lucky or good?
  3. Steve Spiller's Avatar
    Get well soon Peter, fresh air on the bank is what you need...

    Nice report mate, made me chuckle.

    Another '6'!!! Hat's off to Dave, he knows his stuff!

  4. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    Cheers Neil, there was an 'echo' of the laugh as Dave wnet back the next evening . . . . . . . . and caught another bl00dy 6 pounder!

    If this 'flu eases up a little then I might try few evening sessions this week.
  5. Neil Maidment's Avatar
    Nice report though Peter! The rivers definately need a good flushing and refresher. I was on the Trent at the weekend, similar story there with the very, very low levels. Sean's doing a write up so I won't attempt to steal his thunder, other than to say our joint results were..... marginally better, but the highlight was the company!

    Better luck next time.
  6. Neil Maidment's Avatar
    Nice one Peter. Hopefully you and Dave can find those BIG Avon chub. All the rivers are looking a bit low and stale at the moment, as you say, we definately need rain!
  7. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    Not 'cheesy' at all Dave, Paris is the City of Lights, the City for Lovers . . . . . . . and there is some fabulous looking totty here an' all.
  8. Frothey's Avatar
    i was thinking of taking the missus to Paris in a couple of weeks (cheesy, I know) - but after your description I'm definately going to now. ****** the fishing!