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  1. slime monster's Avatar
    You obviously know your rock marks Frothy , that is a fantastic days rock fishing by any standard well done the pair of you

    Dave..**** sea angler
  2. Frothey's Avatar
    Thanks andy - not too bad for a 3 year old 2mpxl phone!
  3. Skoda's Avatar
    A Grand Day Out, Frothey! Great pics.

  4. Frothey's Avatar
    Me, couldn't find the bulb release adaptor so had to use the timer.
  5. Skoda's Avatar
    Nice account Frothey, who took the pic? You're obviously tired after the epic battle.

  6. Sean Meeghan's Avatar
    A different world! I've not got out of the full thermals yet this year. Water and air temp up here were 3C yesterday!
  7. naturalprovidence's Avatar
    The nights are cool now and I have not been shrimp netting in a good wile. One casts a net at night over bait of fish style cat food mixed with cornmeal to bait the shrimp in - but throwing a 10 ft net gets you soaked from chest down so I may be over shrimping for this year. (the shrimp leave for off shore about now anyway.)

    This is the harbor where I net - and my net, a very pretty place to be for the last hours befor sunrise - and then the massed commercial shrimp and oyster boats head out in a long line, all lit up and spewing diesel fumes.

    I have just come in from pulling my two crab traps, catching 8 keepers, so will boil them tonight and pick the meat. Soon the crabs will move off shore too, or bury in the mud till spring so we have been trapping regularly to get some for the freezer. We eat fish and shell fish about every other day.
  8. Frothey's Avatar
    Thanks Dorry - to be fair my skill level is pretty low too!
  9. naturalprovidence's Avatar
    You write very well Frothy, giving a good account of the times out. I have been doing less fishing lately as I am mostly a meat fisherman and have been catching plenty - but my formative years were coarse fishing in England and stumbling on this blog has brought back the memories of those days. Although mine were of a low skill level; still it was great times.
  10. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    Well done Dave!

    Nice fish, shame about the hat . . . . . .
  11. Rickrod's Avatar
    Well done Frothey on the lake record with such a fantastic fish
  12. Frothey's Avatar
    after years of surfing the kent coast in the winter, avoiding the icebergs and brown fish....... no!
  13. Sean Meeghan's Avatar
    You're welcome to come up and help yourself to our waves mate!
  14. Rickrod's Avatar
    you should have taken them back......the cheek of some people
  15. Frothey's Avatar
    you wait tilll the dove trip, just had to buy a new freezer
  16. Morespiders's Avatar
    Froth,enough bait for a quick overnighter, you must spend most of the night throwing that lot in, leaving twenty minutes to fish
  17. ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)'s Avatar
    I look forward with interest to how you get on ....
  18. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    Super start to what I hope will be a continuing series of blog entries.

    Keep them coming Frothey . . .
  19. Peter Jacobs's Avatar
    Nice one Dave - enjoyable reading.
  20. Graham Marsden's Avatar
    The 'quicky' was a result anyway Dave
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