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  1. First of the year

    Finally managed to get out - first trip since november! Had planned on fishing through the winter, but the lake not being "bendy" for much of it put paid to that. Still, at least it means it's spring and I've got a freezer full of bait to use up!

    Got down at the normal time after work, it's great that with spring on the way it's not dark till just after 7 down here so I've got time to get the rods out and see where they are landing! Tony the owner had a walk round, but didn't ...
  2. Revenge Is Sweeeeeeeet

    Managed to get a whole 36 hours in at Furzebray. 5 Takes, 4 fish (so quadrupling the previous efforts!), the biggest of which was a lake record at 29.08! All from the "Plan B" choice of swim too......

    Updated 30-10-2009 at 11:08 by Frothey

  3. Autumns Here

    Ah, autumns here! Arrive in the dark and rain, leave in the dark and rain - well, at least it keeps the crowds down! One minute it was crystal clear skies, the next it was chucking down. I was able to get set up in the dry, which makes all the difference. I had a quick chat with the owner, who reckoned it had been fishing hard for a week or so (proabably trying to make me feel better!)

    I had a fish in the middle of a monsoon at just after 2 this morning, a mid double common. Luckily, ...