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  1. Carp stocking V's trends and ability?

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    How funny, just read a post on a FB page, the chap asks "why do people love tench so much, I hate them"

    You can imagine the next twenty responses. He was then asked why he hated them so much, his reply "they've no fight, I caught a 6lb tench and reeled it in in two minutes, all slimy too"

    I wonder what rig he was using?
    Sounds like the chap didn’t know the difference between a Tench and a Bream and it sounds more likely that he’d
  2. Newbie with Lakes

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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Ray and I am based in the Rugeley area of Staffordshire. I have primarily joined the forum as we are looking for a fishing club to make use of our lakes. There is a hut available by the lakes for use. If anyone would like to find out further information on this please contact me.

    As this is my first post I hope that I have not transgressed any rules of the site.

    I look forward to hearing from you all.
  3. The new look forum

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    That's better! The pictures can now be linked as well as text. Something that did not work in the old forum.

    Click on the picture!

    I don't mind this new format. Change is good if it makes it easier to use and adds functionality.

  4. Another feeder gone...

    I had my third trip recently, same pond, same peg - once I gain familiarity there I'll start and venture a bit further a field.

    Again, I started with pellets and was going to opt for a new method feeder, only to realise that my mould didn't fit this model method feeder. Doh. So the pellet feeder got the call up again.

    I'd been fishing for a couple of hours and had a few small bites. I was beginning to feel really comfortable with casting, hitting the same spot again ...
  5. Second trip

    I recently went on my second fishing trip, back to the same pond. I don't want to over complicate things by fishing different waters. I think it's important to learn the basics and that will be made so much easier by getting comfortable on the same pond.

    It's sad to say that my local tackle shop is closing down, and it means I'm going to have to drive 20 minutes just to pick up a pint of maggots. However, I did pick up a new rod and a few other bits at half-price. The rod was a travel ...
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