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  1. Best Fishing Spots Warframe

    The first questions you’ll definitely ask when you’re new at fishing are. Where do I start fishing and when is the best time to fish. For starters, this pond right over here is the best spot to fish. When you just started fishing you need to gain as much erster on standings as quick as possible. I find fishing mortis lungfish at night at this spot the fastest way to do that. With the help of a previous hotfix this spawns fish spawn rates has become better in the past it takes usually a minute ...
  2. Float tube making.

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    It has been a long time in the making but I have finally finished my first. . . .

    "PP007 Float Tube "

    For more pictures and the full write up click on the blog link.

  3. After The Rain Has Fallen

    Four or five weeks ago I treated myself to a seven-day fishingbreak in mid-September, This was to coincide with meeting up with some friendson the River Wye near Ross. I endured Gales, floods and menacing eastern Europeans;I had a few chub and barbel but it wasn’t quite what I had planned. Four weekslater my wife and I had a trip planned to Welshpool where we were going to havea couple of days on the upper Severn BAA waters. Believe it or not we drovethrough gales and heavy rain which put the ...
  4. Eating freshwater fish

    Quote Originally Posted by Keith M View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by tigger View Post
    Too many bones in an eel .....?

    The first time I had Jellied eels was when the mother in law (from London) cooked up some jellied eel for us to try and I put a large bit into my mouth and crunched away and it was full of bone and I hated it.

    When I asked why they didn’t take the bones out before cooking; the wife told me that if you de-boned the eel there wouldn’t be much left to cook and they always left the bones in when making jellied eels - your supposed to eat the flesh
  5. When does an invasive species become an accepted part of the Eco system?

    Quote Originally Posted by O.C.F.Disorder View Post
    Tried to edit and it deleted a crucial sentence and now wont work haha!

    Im not sure why you think the sun shines out of a carps bottom? They are invasive omnivores and will happily east small fish and fish eggs.. Hence how people are able to catch them on lures
    Are you not aware that ALL fish will happily eat spawn even their own species, I have caught Roach on small fly spoons .
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