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  2. Float making.

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    Large Glow In The Dark Carp Stalkers

    This quartet of .......
    " Large Glow In The Dark Carp Stalkers "
    are again made of reed.
    (one of my fav.materials at the moment)
    All floats are finished in black, gold, turquoise and violet thread......

    click the link and read the blog.
    Abu Suveran-20200226_080117.jpg

    Abu Suveran-20200227_205821.jpg
  3. My experience (and a few tips) for Southern California fishing

    I few weeks back I had the opportunity to travel to Southern California and go fishing, I had a sweet-bitter experience. Well, I still do not regret embarking on that trip and I would want you to do the same.

    Southern California is quite popular for the bunch of Hollywood movie stars and Beach Boys it houses. You could surf all day in Southern California and never get tired. Talk about tuna fishing, it is the gateway!. I have compiled a list of things you need to know so you can ...
  4. Method feeder tips

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    I would, a waterproof one.
    Knowing you Mike it would be a Gortex one
  5. Budget fishing

    I have three main hobbies, fishing, cycling and hiking. If you began any of these activities today, and looked for advice online or in magazines, you would be forgiven for thinking you need to win the lottery to enjoy them.

    The super lightweight carbon bike, honed to perfection in a wind tunnel, will set you back more than a 3 bed semi.
    Your lightweight, breathable, waterproof walking clobber - not forgetting the latest gps system - makes third world debt figures look manageable. ...

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    Fishing Diaries
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