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A Rob from Toronto

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Hello Fishermen... its me Rob from Toronto.

I live in the city now, but i used to live in the country. This is my younger brother Jeff recreating how it was we used to fish as kids.

We didnt have any money for equipment back then so we used to just tie fishing line on sticks and a hook and worm and catch fish. At one time there used to be a big tree right where my brother is standing there, and other smaller cedars around it and it was in the shade of that tree one day I got a big bite. A huge bite. i had hooked a HUGE catfish and felt the energy of a good fish fighting me for the first time! It was thrilling to bring him in and show him off around the farm. And then I do believe we, my brother and I, gave him to the neighbour who was a slimy insurance salesman and something of a catfish himself. We gave it away becuase we didnt know how to clean it - and because my mother wasn't going to clean it!

I still like to make my own fishing equipment and when I go ice fishing I use my own rigs, and 'jigs' that I make myself...when I get more comfortable on here I will show you guys my homemade fishing lures.

I also like and study urban fishing, and I know most of the spots on Humber river in Toronto, Credit River

Do any of you live in or around Toronto? Want to fish with me? just say the word

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