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  1. Estimated 20-pounder on the Margin Pole

    Forgot to tell you about this one, it was caught a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I'd stepped up to 10lb line on the pole as I was targeting the bigger fish with bigger baits.

    Anyway, I'll keep it brief, but I managed to catch a carp on the margin pole that must have been around 20lb. I didn't have any scales with me as I don't catch anything I'm interested in weighing when I'm pole fishing, but on this occasion I wished I had taken them with me.

    It took me about 20 minutes ...
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  2. Rochdale Canal / Jam Works

    At 7.55am the canal was normal, at 8.05 when the hot water started to be pumped into the canal, the centre of the canal was a mass of fish of all kinds, perch, roach, occasionally a large carp, goldies could be seen and heard taking floating bread and other discarded bait in the weeds just a matter of feet out. All of a sudden a swirl would signal the arrival of a pike and they could be seen with fish across their jaws which they would then turn head first and depending on size scales would cascade ...
  3. No time to make bait?

    People are always going on about not having the time to make bait, and how expensive it is to buy readymades. But a spare hour or so a week is all you need.

    I've gone back to an "old skool" attractor profile - mainly because I know that no-one else will be using it. It can work against you, because you have to establish the bait, rather than jumping on a "bandwagon" of using whatever everyone else is

  4. Diary of an 80's throwback

    After making the bait the other night, I nipped out for a quicky last night. Then when I finished, I went angling

    I popped down to Furzebray Lakes as I'm thinking of fishing it over the winter - it's important to see the lakes over the summer as you may not get to see fish movement on overnighters later in the year - you arrive in the dark, leave in the dark and if it's chucking it down with rain, you aren't going to want to sit outside watching the lake!

    I bought ...

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  5. Bass Wars - Frothey Strikes Back

    With the weather and tides being all wrong, I wasn't able to get back down during the week, but with a mid morning low tide, it gave me the chance to nip down to dig some bait before going fishing.

    Digging bait can be hard work, but this time of year the lug beds tend to be fairly full. Just look for the tell tale signs...

    Someone else had obviously dug here before.... a few years ago! ...
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