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boilies for beginners

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My home made boilie recipe, nice & spicey
3oz soya flour ,3oz semolina flour, 1tsp Thai 7 spice ,1tsp paprika powder ,two eggs ...

Chocolate & nutty BOILIES.
2oz soya flour,2oz semolina flour 2oz of roasted nuts ,2oz salted nuts ,1&half oz of baby rusks,2/3 tsp of chocolate fudge icing melted in microwave for 30 seconds , 1tsp of salt ,1tsp of sugar, 2caps full of flora pure sunflower oil , two eggs ...

White milk chocolate boilies.
1oz coffee mate ,1&half oz of plain belvita biscuits,3 oz soya flour, 3 oz semolina flour, half a bag of white chocolate milk buttons melted in microwave for 1 minute , two eggs ...

Marmite boilies..
Two eggs , 2 beeped tsp of marmite, 3oz soya flour 3oz semolina flour, 1oz of shredie wheat ,1oz of coffee mate ..
That's some of my recipes please give these ago try to use these as I guide put your own twist on it use what ever ingredients u like make it your very own ...or if I like just stick to the recipe it's up to u ..if u want to make more than a tub full use double of everything u see here like 4 eggs etc ..kind regards and tight lines
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  1. boilies for beginners's Avatar
    Feel free to comment on my recipes or even put what u would change or your own recipes up to help me and other beginners..kind regards