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in search of a monster

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who has not wished they could catch a monster , over the considerable years ive been shark fishing approx. 5 times in looe cornwall biggest 72 pound and this was fun grappling with a beast ,

at the time some years ago if you caught a 75 pounder your name got entered into the british records not for a world record but just to say this person caught a big one on what boat and on what day etc etc.

alas my name did not get in nevermind its to far for me to go regularly so enjoyed the days ,if I remember rightly I travelled down on the back of a old pick up truck with the back exposed and layed down under a tarp to keep warm and so cops didnt pull us over all the way to cornwall .but thats another story.

over the years whenever I have gone abroad I have always searched out charter boats as the chance of a tuna or marlin or such like are greater than Whitby

but have looked out aswell .I remember one story when myself and a fishing buddy went to lanzorote for a 2 week break the harbour would you believe it was the opposite side of the island ,plenty of bucks to get there by taxi so we said no, and resided ourself to swimming and even bought a speargun to catch our tea with the hope of giving it to a local resturant telling them to cook it for us ,it was **** spear kept bouncing back off them .
so as the days went on we dicided sod the expense let go so thats what we did ,had to be there for 5 so set of at 3 found the boat they guaranteed we would catch big shark ,

so of we set about anhour into the journey round the island I said to my buddy hey dont that look familiar ,they had only took us back to where we set of out to our holiday bay were we had been swimming all week to catch big shark literally half mile of our beach .we caught babies but I never went back in the sea ..
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