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last weeks carpfishing at maythorne southwell

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as I no longer work ,I wish I could say it was because id amassed a fortune and a massive pension pot ,but sadly its because of ill health .
I find im able to go a lot more regular now as there is no restrictions of work ,well it was a nice day last week so I decided to have a few hours at my local pond
at the moment there seems to be more ducks than fish so floating bread was out ,pity as most of the beasts were on the top like submarines gracefully moving on the hunt for what the ducks had left ,

I got there at 3 hoping to be back about 7 then crack open a bottle of chardonnay I decided to fish method as I usually have a fair amount of success this way and mixed my micro pellets up and then added the killer bait robin reds .

id only been in the water 5 miniutes and the rod bend over and I was into my first common about 12 llb what a start I thought , the water was fizzing with bubbles where id kept placing my bait underarm lobs,close in,5 more came out in quick succession 2 more 12llb est and 3 about 8 it went really quiet then

and I thought what am I doing wrong the fish were biting but I could not hook them it was now about 8pm but I was having fun and nothing really to rush home for so I stayed ,,,,then wam I hooked into this steamtrain and it took me all over the pond even burning my fingers as I tried to slow down the spool .

it was on about 20 miniutes then it slipped the hook I was devastated .another robin red on and another small I would call home pond size mirror came out

prob pound and a half ish what I session I thought ,,then the rod bent double and took off , it was to be my best of the day 16 llb 2 oz but nowhere near as good a fight as the beast that got away but I suppose we all say that .after I landed that I tackled up and left on a high …….
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