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funny story about spion cop fishery

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ive just remembered a event should we say that happened along while ago prob in the 80s , it was then me and my mate mick used to fish spion cop regularly
we used to go on our push bikes all the way from forest town for a days fishing rods strapped to our cross bars and tackle in a havasack on our backs ,no seats them days grass it was .

theres a gate that stops you getting in at the top of the lane as it was a members only pond so you needed a key (and still do now ive been told )
well we were members £100 then which was a fair bit but we were dedicated and it was a good pond..
well why we were members I got my first car a stunning mk1 escort £250 of anyones money , and me and mick decided to go for a night out in Sheffield a club called steelies ,well he pulled didnt he a girl who lived in clowne and was all loved up.

so in the minibus coming home he said can I borrow your car im going to her house as im going to get lucky .
well it was my pride and joy my first car and we had both sunk about 7 or 8 pints ,

so I said use it tomorrow but dont crash it so he came round about 7 took my car and when I got up the next day I scrambled to look out the window and it was there .I ran outside and had a quick inspection it was all in one piece ,great I thought .

so I rang the girlfriend up and said to you fancy a spot of fishing tonight and after a bit of persuading picked her up and off we went but I forgotten to bring my key so had to wait untill a member came to let us in ,well great nights fishing and then it was time to leave got to the top of the lane and then had to wait till another member packed up to let us out ,well it had dropped cold by then so the heater went on and we were in the car and the windows started to steam up ,well im looking for a member to let us out and the girlfriend started screaming at me and slapping me , I thought what the hells going on untill I notice 2 feet marks on the window pointing upwards at 10 to 2 configuration were my mate have got lucky the night before in the front seat of my car ,and I was to blame because I could not dob him in nor could I deny what was on the window ,,end of a 5 year thing for me but made me laught and still does
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