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Fishing Diaries

  1. Hard winters

    The basics of winter fishing differs from lake to lake, and river to river. The ebro with its majestic twists and winds, meandering down from the northern region of Pamplona and all of the tributary fromaround the regions of Navvaro huesca and surrounding areas .
    All 572 miles, of this huge system.
    With good flood defenses in a large system so many weirs,and dams from the Pantano, or Ebro resovoir in the upper regions, just below the natural park of saja besaya. To the huge expanse ...
  2. Bolsena lake italy. simply awesome part one.

    How do you write an article about a . world classic competition and blank. My aim with this article is to help and educated anglers who will be going onto the world carp classic next year and hope to give a further help to those that might fish any waters similar to lago de bolsena. Italy,s finest and cleanest lake. Not only in Italy but the whole of Europe. This now subsided and very sleepy volcano has given me a new view a new way of thinking some of You who fished the competition heard about ...
  3. Sons 18th Birthday Fishing trip

    After weeks of fishing the Thames, Jubilee and various canals in the local area and catching small Perch and Roach, my son and I was invited by a friend to go fishing on Sunday, which also happened to be my son’s 18th birthday and his third time fishing. We arrived at the lake around 6.30ish, and all my friend would tell me was that it was privately owned fishery and that it was £10 each for a day’s fishing. Sorry about the vagueness of the location, all I know it was somewhere just north ...

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    Fishing Diaries
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