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Spawning in April!

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24th April

The campaign on the urban water had produced another common of 14lb along with a tench and 3 of the small stockies that went in last November. The scale patterns and deep colour these small carp have already achieved in the clear water should make for some beautiful fish as they grow.

The 24th of April saw me down at Archer for a site meeting about the silt removal of the small lake so I took the gear down to do the night and say hello to some of the new members fishing the weekend.

Fishing wise I managed to drop a fish off after around 30 seconds. I spent most of the Saturday wading around one of the bays like a Heron, camera in hand. Some fish were on the verge of spawning , others seemed to be only just getting the signals to group together. In either case they were more acceptant of my presence in the bay than usual and I managed to get a few useful shots. A few being the operative word. Of the 95 pictures I took only a handful were any good.

I need a good DSLR and a polarized filter!

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