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17th May

Sorry but I've nothing more to report on the urban side of things mainly due to the intake of large quantities of alcoholic beverages on a night out in Grimsby

We carried on till the early hours!

Friday morning and afternoon was spent recovering, it seems to take longer these days. I had planned to sort out the fishing gear ready for the Saturday but decided it could all be done on the Saturday itself as we weren't booked on to the lake until 4.30pm

Earlier than expected Mr Woods arrived. It was decided that although early the time was late enough for it to be respectable to commence quaffing some vin rouge as we caught up with all the stuff in each others lives that hadn't been swapped via pms and txts.

We carried on till the early hours!

A late start and a slow pace was the order of the day on Saturday. With all the time and planning I'd had available to sort my gear it ended up as the usual 10 minutes of chucking everything into the back of the car. I put the delays down to the amount of chat that day

Arrival at the lake was at the perfect time to witness a lot of fish showing in one corner of the lake with 2 swims free, and carpy

The rods came out of the bag and cast close in the swim as quietly as possible. I left the Citrus Fizz bottom bait on the left hander and stuck on a small mess bag (as a certain name calls em), the middle had a couple of 16mm G Force stuck on and the left hander a white vision baits 18mm pop up put on a choddy.

I sat in the back of the car and ate biscuits waiting for the inevitable take to herald the first fish of a hauling session.

Who was I kidding!

After about an hour a peek over my shoulder saw a huge black cloud heading our way. I somehow decided it was a good idea to set the pioneer up and get everything under cover before the storm arrived. Everything went mental as a thunder storm hit and the pioneer started leaping up and down the length of the half secured bivvy pegs. I really thought a Mary Poppins situation was going to occur as the bivvy got thoroughly beaten up by the weather.

Eventually a camp was organised and the rods were all out over a bit of bait so Mat and I made a camp in between swims in order to look out over the lake, discuss carpy matters and drink a little red wine
...solely used to lubricate our vocal chords

We carried on till the early hours!

The night brought no action at all but we discovered that fish had been caught at the other end of the lake. No swims were available at first so some rebaiting and rechucking was done. Two blokes did leave by mid morning but we'd noticed the carp that were showing in the middle area of the lake were moving closer to our end. I rigged up an Infinity 3.5 with a chod rig to launch out and after a preliminary warm up cast (its been years since I've given it the big un) I was happy with where the choddy ended up

Mat also slung his rods long and we stood together watching a succession of shows around our baits. Some were showing nearer than the baits.

Again came the waiting eagerly for a take time and pointing out how close the shows were to the baits. We'd been in this situation before and succeeded in having a few so were in a bouyant mood...

We left at the allocated time wet, dissolusioned and beaten by the fish, including the rather large common that we were both hoping for.

No fish but a brilliant weekend, thats what friends are for!
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